Dan WarelowProduct Manager

Introducing Dan Warelow, a Product Manager who has been with us for 10 years.

Dan is key to developing new and existing product sets. His role includes conducting market research; vendor on-boarding and in life product management; generating product requirements; determining specifications, pricing, and time-integrated plans for product introduction.

Dan’s our longest serving team member, recently celebrating his ten-year work anniversary. We asked him a few questions to give you an insight into life working for us...

10 years is a long time, what is it you love about working here?

Couple of things really. I’ve had a few different roles within the business which keeps it fresh, exciting and rewarding. I also work alongside amazing people who’ve helped me develop my career and inspired me along the way.

How much has changed over the last 10 years?

Honestly? too much to describe. When I joined it was just a handful of people working every hour to offer a handful of services to a handful of customers, now we’re approaching 100 staff (some have moved from other countries to work for us), and offer a full marketplace of services to thousands of customers. Some things haven’t changed though, throughout my 10 years I’ve been surrounded by great colleagues.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

At company level being one of the first companies to achieve Microsoft CSP Indirect provider status (Previously Tier 2) – if there was one defining moment in my career at Giacom it’s got to be that. On an individual basis it has to be my Product launches – We work so hard in the build up to launch that to finally see it live is a massive buzz.