Last year Giacom proudly became one of the first ever 3 distributors for Sophos in the UK. We caught up with Robert Marchant from Tinder Corporation on their experience of switching Sophos licences over to Cloud Market. View Tinder Corporation's website

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner

Tinder Corporation are an IT support company supplying telecoms, IT equipment, network infrastructure and more to various businesses. We’ve been a Giacom partner for over 5 years.

How have you found our service so far?

Fantastic! Any queries we have are always answered quickly, and Giacom’s training resources have been massively helpful for our service team. Our Account Manager Samantha Fleming pointed us in the direction of Giacom’s training webinars, which are straightforward and easy to digest.

Financially we’re also very happy with the easy purchase order process and monthly contracts. For example, Sophie Rea from your finance team has been very helpful in making sure that our invoices always align with our payment runs. Also we’ve never had any issues with accounts processing, even for example if an end-user changes their company name your team deal with it so it doesn’t cause any payment delays – your finance team are always bang on it.

How long have you used Sophos? What do you like about the solution?

We’ve been a Sophos silver partner for about four years. Initially we looked at a number of cybersecurity solutions and Sophos was the best choice – our service team rate it highly.

Switching our Sophos contracts over to Cloud Market has definitely saved us time and stress! I don’t have to worry about waiting for any issues to be resolved and I don’t waste time chasing responses everyday like I did at my previous CSP.
Rob MarchantHead of finance

What made you choose Giacom as your distributor?

When Sophos announced they would be using distributors instead of supplying it direct to us, our Sophos Account Manager offered to sort out the switch for us.

So we were set up with another Cloud Service Provider (CSP) different from Giacom. Initially we didn’t mind as this CSP had decent online reviews - but they turned out to be a nightmare! In the first 6 months we had issues such as 3 different nonresponsive Account Managers, price misquotes, credit notes not being honoured, licences not being activated, and more. For example, one of our end-users was waiting over four weeks for their new Sophos licences, and we were chasing for this every day – it was an absolute almighty faff!

So when we read in Giacom’s newsletter that they were also Sophos distributors, we got in contact with Samantha to help us switch over.

Samantha and Sophie were very helpful in getting us set up with Sophos, also the Sophos Expert team were fantastic with getting us accurate quotes and answering our queries. The lead times with Cloud Market are great, within 24 hours we can activate our Sophos licences - unlike our previous supplier where we could be waiting weeks.

Also Giacom’s paperwork was much simpler and easier to process. Our previous Sophos supplier had very long and confusing purchase order forms, but Giacom’s forms are quick and easy to fill out.

Have any members of staff particularly supported you with your Sophos procurement?

Giacom resolve any technical issues very quickly. Emma Hadley from the Finance team and Tracey Seymour from the Sophos Expert team currently handle our term contracts, their speed and professionalism has been a great help!

In the past, how has Giacom helped you and your business?

Switching our Sophos contracts over to Cloud Market has definitely saved us time and stress! It’s great knowing that within 24 hours from filling out a PO the Sophos team will activate the order without issue. I don’t have to worry about waiting for any issues to be resolved and I don’t waste time chasing responses everyday like I did at my previous CSP.

Also Giacom keeps us up to date on any of our product updates or changes. A recent example is when Samantha helped us move our Microsoft 365 licences over to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) and prepared us for the NCE price changes.

How have we directly helped your end-users?

In general, Giacom benefits our end-users with consistently good service.

Through Giacom we can offer our end-users last minute sign ups to Sophos, as there’s no waiting around. Also, they have the option of either term or monthly Sophos licences to suit their business.

Would you recommend Giacom as a whole to other MSPs?

For Sophos and Microsoft 365 absolutely, the service is fantastic. The staff who I’ve spoken to always have quick responses. Samantha always picks up the phone and even helps me with things that aren’t part of her day-to-day. I would 100% definitely recommend Giacom!