Galaxy Enterprise Edition

Case study: How Galaxy Enterprise Edition launches on Giacom


Based just outside of Birmingham, B2B Communications is a leading business communications specialist in the West Midlands. The company provides an extensive range of Mobile and IT telecoms products, including the latest hardware and tech, to a wide range of customers, from sole traders and SMEs to large companies with multiple users. B2B Communications has been a Digital Wholesale Solutions partner since 2008.

The challenge

As businesses across the country continue to shift towards a more remote way of working, customers are looking at their mobile setup to ensure they remain secure, efficient and flexible. They are looking for a one-stop-shop for their mobile fleet, where they can marry their mobile tariff with the best hardware that has embedded security, options for deployment and access to a reliable repair service as standard.

With these key requirements in mind, B2B Communications was looking for a hardware solution that met their customer needs, represented great value and importantly, allowed them to focus on the day-to-day running of their own business. In an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, B2B Communications was also aware of the vital need to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The solution

While Samsung has provided a range of hardware solutions to the business market for years, Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a relatively new and unique proposition which launched back in 2019.

It’s a complete package of mobile and technology services designed to give customers more – more control, more choice and more protection. Out of the box the device is the same, but it comes with behind-the-scene services that many business customers are demanding from mobile providers. This includes the following:

  • 3-year enhanced support which includes a next-day replacement service
  • 4-year security and maintenance releases
  • Access to Knox Suite so that customers can configure, secure and deploy devices at scale
  • An extended product lifecycle so that customers can ensure consistency across their fleet

The beauty in Galaxy Enterprise Edition stems from the fact it is suitable for businesses of all types and size. It is available alongside the standard device variant and the price is often negligible, particularly if you consider the cost of the above services outside of Galaxy Enterprise Edition.

The process

Following the launch of Galaxy Enterprise Edition from Samsung, Digital Wholesale Solutions pitched the devices and concept to B2B Comms through a dedicated Account Management Team.

In-depth training was then offered by Samsung which has given Matt and Steve at B2B Comms the knowledge and confidence needed to present the solution to potential customers. They then consulted with Digital Wholesale Solutions for additional sales material and device pricing so they could present a compelling proposition to customers.

B2B Comms targeted both existing customers and potential new business. Face-to-face follow-up meetings were arranged with potential customers to discuss their needs and objectives in more detail.

The result

Selling Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices from Samsung has enabled B2B Comms to identify and pursue important new business opportunities. This is a brilliant fusion of device and services which is supported by Digital Wholesale Solutions and Samsung, which perfectly meets the demands of the business market. This means partners can sell with ease and assurance while making generous amounts of margin.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a one-of-a-kind offering in the mobile hardware space and has continued to give B2B Comms a platform on which to build relationships with new customers. This is particularly true when sold alongside mobile airtime, and combined, B2B Comms now has the capability to sell the full mobile package – this means device and airtime, but also extended tech services.

Being able to deploy Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices into customers has meant that B2B Comms are able to pass some aspects of mobile device configuration, repair and servicing over to Samsung, so they can focus on the day-to-day running of their own business. It cuts out a link in the chain where a customer might have previously put the request into B2B Comms, who would then have to go to Samsung for support. This way, Samsung can deal directly with the customer, answering difficult questions while keeping B2B Comms informed on any progress.

B2B Comms has the opportunity to earn handsomely when selling a Galaxy Enterprise Edition device alongside a mobile airtime contract. This makes it a highly rewarding and compelling proposition for their business – one which they would be happy to recommend.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition has helped transform the way we proposition mobile solutions to customers. No longer are we confined to a simple airtime and device model – we now have scope to offer services outside of these which benefits both us and the customer, without being a strain on our own resource. We’ve seen increased customer satisfaction as a result and improved profitability ourselves. Our advice to partners would be to embrace the Galaxy Enterprise Edition proposition and utilise the fantastic support on offer from Giacom, be that marketing or sales.

Matt DandyDirector at B2B Comms