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Our expert team works as an extension to our partners’ businesses, bringing a deep understanding of products and services and a commitment to excellence. 

We know what we’re doing, and so we should; we’ve been supporting local, expert technology providers across every type of IT product and service longer than anyone else.

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When our partners look good, we look good

We support our partners with every aspect of running a successful technology solutions business. 

Whether it’s guidance on product selection, training and enablement, advice on accelerating their business growth or support to resolve a technical issue, our responsive team is on hand to help our partners provide their customers with the best possible experience. 

Spend less time on support tickets and more time servicing your customers’ needs.

Powered by people

When we talk to our partners one theme keeps coming up: they love the expert support they get from our team of dedicated technology experts. 

When you’re a Giacom partner, you can provide IT solutions for your customers with the confidence that we have your back.

Access a wealth of resources in our knowledgebase

Our partners can find answers quickly using our extensive knowledgebase that covers a vast range of topics related to all the products from our portfolio. 

Our knowledge base is constantly growing with insights from across our partner network, so when one partner experiences an issue, all partners benefit from the solution.

Our award-winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud to have won many awards.

Comms National Awards 2023
Best Wholesale Service Provider

Comms Business Awards 2023
Distributor of the Year

Technology Reseller Awards 2023
Cloud Services Distributor of the Year

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