Our mobile solutions keep your customers connected anywhere, at any time.

Key advantages of mobile from Giacom

Own your strategy

We offer a true wholesale proposition — buy for X, sell for Y — enabling partners to manage their own margin and onward sale strategies.


We make owning your customers’ onward billing easy, ensuring our propositions meet end-user demand and functionality, whilst being easy to buy, sell and deliver.

Complete control

Manage your customers 24/7 using our award-winning portals with a wide array of self-management and reporting functionality.


Our Sales and Operations support teams work hard to ensure partners receive quick, efficient responses to everything from pre-sales to end-of-life.


We actively ensure partners have access to the simplest, low-risk commercial terms in the market.


We maintain an ever-evolving portfolio and work closely with our partners to increase value offerings where a unique opportunity might require it.

What is Mobile?

Mobile networks provide wireless voice and data communication services to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices so they can make phone calls, send text messages, and access the internet and other mobile services.

Networks offer different levels of speed, coverage, and functionality through various subscription plans and pricing models.

Our wholesale and network-billed offerings help your customers stay productive wherever they are with instant access to email, the internet, calendars, and company networks.

Mobile products and services

Wholesale Mobile

Effortless connectivity, no strings attached with our award-winning and customisable tariffs.

Our SIM-only options eliminate the hassle of funding hardware and accessories as well as the complications that come with long-term contracts or financing plans. With Giacom, you get straightforward wholesale pricing, without any revenue-sharing schemes or unrealistic bonuses, reducing the risk of ongoing credit issues and giving you and your customers more flexibility.

Key features and benefits

  • Manage your base 24/7 using our award-winning portal to activate SIMs, apply restrictions, add bundles, speak to our support teams and much more
  • Due to our unique agreements we offer propositions on both O2 and Vodafone
  • Tailor your tariffs with the freedom to select the right voice and data packages alongside a wide range of additional value bundles, with data-only options available
  • Low-cost, SIM-only tariffs
  • A true wholesale proposition – buy for X, sell for Y, managing your own margins and strategies

Network Mobile

Upgrade your customer’s mobile experience with a comprehensive range of voice, data, and digital tariffs on the three major UK networks.

Partnering with us gives you a strong offering for your customers thanks to our industry-leading network deals. We support you every step of the way in growing your business and boosting revenue opportunities. To help you succeed, we regularly update our network guides with all the information you need to sell current promotions, including pricing details and bonuses that can be earned right away or over the length of the contract.


  • SIM-only plans that work for businesses of all sizes
  • A range of add-ons to increase any tariff allowance including EU calls
  • Amazing competitively-priced deals on international passes
  • Voted Best Network for Coverage by uSwitch in 2018
  • A wide range of mobile airtime options
  • Great deals and bonuses on handset or SIM-only plans
  • Access to a range of free marketing tools through our Partner Marketing Portal


  • Tariffs to accommodate businesses of every size with any number of users
  • Options with varying prices and inclusive minutes, data, and texts
  • Specialist packages available, including entertainment subscriptions
  • Constantly adapting to customers’ needs
  • Generous revenue share across all tariffs and value-led bonuses to reward new businesses
  • Free marketing materials at your fingertips


  • Added entertainment extras and security solutions
  • Tariffs split into small business and corporate
  • Powerful network for sending large data files, holding HD conference calls and using real-time cloud services
  • Personalise plans to suit customers’ needs including optional entertainment packages from a number of suppliers
  • A long-standing partnership with EE based on delivering a trusted brand and innovation within the industry
  • Competitive commercial package
  • Attractive revenue share model across small business and corporate propositions, payable against new and upgrading contracts
  • Generous connection bonus for small business tariffs
  • A large range of free marketing materials

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How Mobile from Giacom will help your business

Mobile offers the opportunity to generate long-term and high-value monthly recurring revenue.

Our wholesale mobile offering is ideal for partners who already have or are looking to invest in a billing platform, have customer support teams in place, and focus on complete end-customer ownership.

Alternatively, our network-billed offering enables an easy transition into the world of mobile, with access to a wide variety of network-defined products for those without the onward billing or support capability.

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