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Giacom’s new Smart Mobile Data IoT solution is an innovative and cutting-edge technology that enables Channel partners to offer always-on mobile connectivity and sets the highest standards for resiliency, security, and flexibility in the market.

Our solution is market-ready and state-of-the-art and provides secure, flexible, and reliable IoT connectivity in any location for all types of businesses and industries.

By adding Smart Mobile Data to their product portfolio, partners can improve their traditional communications or managed service portfolio, drive new lucrative revenues and stay ahead of the curve.

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Why sell Smart Mobile Data?

Smart Mobile Data provides the foundation to support a vast range of Cloud and Communications solutions by leveraging the same mobile networks we use for smartphones and tablets. But it goes further than that. It complements and enhances the experience with added security features, seamless integration, and reliability across multiple networks. 


Integrate into existing network infrastructure with private APNs and static IP to prevent unauthorised device access or tampering.


Access 900+ networks in 180+ countries and access multiple networks on one SIM for maximum uptime.


Solutions can encompass a spectrum of technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, LTE-M & NB-IoT to meet any requirements.

When considering the scale of the IoT opportunity, it’s important to remember that there are more things than people—and things are becoming smarter!

The UK’s IoT market is growing rapidly. Demand for connected devices and smart data in sectors like transport, logistics, and security is increasing, driving greater efficiencies and control of data and assets. This increased adoption of IoT technology will continue to expand the UK’s IoT market at an unprecedented rate and create a huge revenue opportunity for Channel partners.


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Giacom works exclusively with Channel partners to support their growth and success, offering an unparalleled cloud, communications, and hardware portfolio, all managed on our Cloud Market platform.

With over two decades of experience and multi-award-winning mobile and connectivity solutions, we're extending our services to include IoT technology, providing dedicated support through account managers, desk-based support, and comprehensive training and marketing materials.

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Cross-sell into multiple Cloud, Comms and Hardware products and solutions

Mobile IoT connectivity is highly versatile and popular in countless industries, from large corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. As part of our Smart Mobile Data product portfolio, we offer two different tariffs to meet the diverse needs of all end-users.


Smart mobile data case study - Construction

Case Study:
Connecting construction sites to build £1.2m of business

Case Study:
Critical connectivity for retail

Smart Mobile data case study - Transport

Case Study:
In-vehicle connectivity nets partner over £2 million

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