Modern Workplace

Provide your customers with seamless and secure collaboration, creation, and sharing with our powerful cloud-based Modern Workplace solutions.

Key advantages of Modern Workplace from Giacom


Our Modern Workplace portfolio provides the tools to deliver and manage digital transformation for your customers.

In-house specialists

Our experts are always on hand to guide you through our portfolio, support you as you get started, and help plan how to take services to market.

Enhanced productivity

We offer a range of tools to help employee productivity at every step, from simplifying complicated tasks to promoting quicker and faster collaboration.

Cost effective

Consolidate your services into a single suite to reduce costs.

Scalability and flexibility

Our cloud-based solutions can be scaled up or down and used from anywhere with an internet connection, making them flexible and versatile for businesses of all sizes.

What is Modern Workplace?

Productivity tools enable businesses to carry out their most fundamental tasks by creating, editing and sharing emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of digital content.

Cloud-based productivity eliminates the need for local software installations and enables organisations to efficiently manage everything from a single centralised platform.

At Giacom, we offer a number of powerful solutions including:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Nuvolex ManageX
  • BitTitan MigrationWiz
  • Exclaimer 365 Email Signatures
Giacom cloud productivity solutions

Modern Workplace products and services

Microsoft 365

The go-to office subscription product your customers know and love.

Whether your customers need modern workplace tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, real-time collaboration through Teams, SharePoint and One Drive, or easy-to-manage business email, there’s a Microsoft 365 package to suit their needs.

Empower your customers to work from anywhere and on any device with cloud-based accessibility and the latest versions of their tools at their fingertips. Advanced security features like data encryption and threat protection mean they can share and access documents securely with the knowledge that sensitive information is protected.

A scalable solution that will grow with your customer’s business, Microsoft 365 is now our fastest-selling cloud service with 3,000+ resellers and 500,000+ active licenses. All our IT resellers pay less than Microsoft’s retail price and there’s no complicated commission structure. We make Microsoft 365 provisioning quick, easy and painless.

Key features and benefits

Easy-to-use applications

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher that anyone can use

Mailbox management

Outlook for business with great inbox management for users

Built-in security

Features such as data encryption, advanced threat protection, and access controls protect sensitive information

Guaranteed uptime

Always at the ready with a 99.9% uptime service

Work on the move

Create, edit and share documents on any device and in any location for flexibility

Collaborate with ease

Share content and calendars to collaborate with colleagues instantly

Microsoft Teams

Secure collaboration integrating chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and project management.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration platform that integrates chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and project management into one easy-to-use solution.

With Teams, your customers can say goodbye to the hassle of email chains and endless meetings, all while improving communication and collaboration, increasing productivity, and working from anywhere on any device.

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for your customers to stay organized and on track with task assignments, to-do lists, and calendars. And with real-time collaboration on documents and projects, they can work seamlessly with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Microsoft Teams is designed with security in mind, offering encryption, access control, data loss prevention, threat protection, two-factor authentication and other features to protect sensitive information and meet the security and privacy needs of organizations of all sizes.

Key features and benefits

Modern phone system

Everything you expect from a phone system with call control, auto-attendants, voicemail and more

All-in-one solution

Communicate from a single app, sync contacts effortlessly and save time and money with a best-in-class phone system

Built into Microsoft 365

Setup and management are centralised in Microsoft 365 with the ability to get phone numbers in minutes – familiar and comfortable

Anywhere calling

Stay connected on the move with a single number accessible across computers, mobiles and desk phones

Powerful online meetings

With dial-in conferencing, real-time captioning and translation, meetings are both productive and secure in Teams

Maintain high availability

Keep your business running smoothly anywhere you work with Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime guarantee

Nuvolex ManageX

The simple and unified interface for managing your customers and their Microsoft Cloud Services.

Nuvolex ManageX is a “single pane of glass” administration portal for managing your customers and their Microsoft Cloud Services. Designed to simplify day-to-day administration with the help of workflow automation, Nuvolex ManageX is guaranteed to save you time and money. Reduce the effort and resources required to manage your customers and invest more in the services your business provides.

Key features and benefits


Automate common Microsoft 365 tasks and workflows to reduce time spent on daily administration.

Single user interface

Concurrently manage any number of customers as well as on-premises, cloud-based, and Microsoft 365 applications from a single user interface.

Reduce support tickets

Dramatically reduce support ticket escalations for Microsoft 365.


Increase Microsoft 365 administrative security and access control with specific administrator access rights across all Microsoft 365 applications.

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce customer support costs for all things Microsoft cloud.

BitTitan MigrationWiz

Your cloud-based solution for quickly and seamlessly moving data, applications and other IT assets from one environment to another.

BitTitan MigrationWiz is a cloud-based migration platform providing the tools and capabilities needed to move data, applications, and other IT assets from one environment to another.

BitTitan MigrationWiz automates many of the time-consuming and complex tasks associated with data migration, such as email migration, public folder migration and document migration. Making the transition to new platforms and systems, such as Microsoft Office 365, or moving data between different systems within your IT environment, a breeze.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful migration capabilities, BitTitan MigrationWiz is a popular choice for organisations that need to simplify and streamline their data migration process.

Key features and benefits


Initiate, automate and run data migration tasks from a single centralised dashboard to make the process faster and more efficient.

Easy to use

Getting started is easy. There’s no hardware or software to install and the user-friendly interface is designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels.

Set up your way

A flexible and powerful solution for those with a variety of migration needs such as email migration, public folder migration and document migration. Setup customised email notifications, date range filtering, impersonation or delegation, folder mapping, and many more.


From one seat to 50,000, quickly transfer data to your new environment at any scale.

Low cost

Automate the migration process with a cost-efficient migration bundle and reduce the time and resources needed to complete migrations. No pricey postmigration clean-up required.

Expert support

A team of technical specialists is on hand at any and all stages of the migration process.

Our MigrationWiz options

MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle

Automate the migration of mailboxes, documents, and personal archives, and remotely configure Outlook profiles.

MigrationWiz Mailbox Migration

Move email data quickly and seamlessly between platforms and systems.

MigrationWiz Collaboration Migration (Teams)

Quickly and seamlessly migrate teams, channels, files, chats, permissions and more between team collaboration platforms.

MigrationWiz Shared Documents

Migrate files, folders, permissions, versions, file hierarchies and metadata between cloud storage applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive.

MigrationWiz Public Folder

Move shared mail folders, calendars, contacts, tasks and more to cloud environments such as Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

MigrationWiz Hybrid Exchange Management

Simple migration of users between on-premises Exchange servers and Microsoft 365.

Tenant Migration Bundle

Each TMB license comprises one User Migration Bundle and one Flex Collaboration or Shared Document License.

Google Mailbox and Documents Bundle

An automated way to migrate mailboxes and documents quickly and seamlessly, with zero user downtime.

Microsoft Perpetual Licensing

Pay once and use Microsoft products and services subscription-free.

With a one-time perpetual license purchase, you can install and use any version of a Microsoft product or service for as long as you want. Get access to updates and upgrades within a specific time period and continue to use the product or service, without further updates, once the end date is reached.

Microsoft Perpetual Licensing simplifies licensing and gives you the flexibility you need to onboard customers to the cloud. Manage costs effectively by having more control and predictability over technology expenses, purchasing licenses in bulk and spreading the cost over time.

Key features and benefits

Cost control

Allows organisations to purchase licenses in bulk and spread the cost, providing more control and foresight over expenses. Once purchased, they will not have to pay any recurring subscription fees.

Long-term use

Organisations can use the product or service for an indefinite period of time, which may save costs in the long run compared to a subscription.

Access to updates

The license includes access to the latest version of the product or service, as well as any updates and upgrades released within a specified period of time.


Customise technology solutions to meet specific needs and requirements rather than being limited by subscription-based packages.

Email Signatures for Microsoft 365 by Exclaimer

Deliver the most professional, intuitive and simple email signature software.

Featuring a simple to use drag-and-drop editor, you can create uniform and professionally designed email signatures directly from your web browser and centrally manage them from one online portal. By using the Microsoft Azure platform to transfer information across to Microsoft 365, Exclaimer adds signatures to all emails sent from any device – be it desktop PC, tablet or mobile. Deliver consistent value to your customers with an intuitive solution that both saves you time and provides full compliance with email disclaimer law.

Signature for Microsoft 365 includes:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Web browser UI
  • Library of pre-made templates
  • Upload custom fonts, logos, and banner or photo images
  • Social media icons
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Contact details from Microsoft 365 Directory

Key features and benefits

Intuitive signature editor

Features a drag-and-drop editor for quick and easy design allowing users of any ability to create email signatures.

Unlimited signature creation

There’s no limit to how many signatures you can create – build templates for individual users, departments or employees who speak different languages

Deliver brand consistency

Apply company-wide signatures with a professional and consistent structure by adding logos, promotional banners and your custom font.

Generate inbound marketing

Apply custom time and date ranges on Microsoft 365 signatures to work with marketing campaigns, promotional events or seasonal offers to generate inbound marketing, saving on costs.

Choose from Outlook

Allows users to choose an Microsoft 365 signature in Outlook as they compose a message, giving them more flexibility.

Works on all devices

Microsoft 365 signatures are applied to emails sent on all devices, including Mac and mobile so users remain professional and compliant everywhere they go.

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Our curated portfolio is designed to streamline workflows, simplify complicated tasks, increase efficiency, and promote collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

Whether managing email, automating tasks, or collaborating with team members across locations, cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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