The Great Switch Off

Everything you need to know about the PSTN withdrawal and the All-IP future.

Preparing your customers for The Great Switch Off

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will reach the end of its life in December 2025. After this date, any services supported on Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) will need to move to alternatives, including traditional telephone lines.

The Great Switch off will impact broadband customers as well. When this service is switched off, the broadband product will need to move to a Single Order variant such as SOGEA or FTTP.

Giacom is at the heart of driving digital transformation for UK businesses. We have a product set ready to future-proof businesses for the next generation of connectivity, voice and cloud solutions.

Prepare for the future with The Great PSTN Switch Off with Giacom

The All-IP future

The communications landscape is changing. No longer is voice the core solution needed by businesses and consumers alike; digital transformation is moving us towards a connectivity-first approach.

With Giacom, you can start selling All-IP solutions designed for the future. Our connectivity portfolio includes FTTP and SOGEA broadband products from multiple vendors, enabling you to differentiate your offering and cater to your customers.

We also offer a variety of future voice options, including our flagship VoIP proposition, HV.Select, and Single Line Voice Replacement service, Virtual-IP Voice.

These products are designed to carry you and your customers through to 2025 and beyond, as you embrace the All-IP future.

Products and services

The future of lightning-fast reliable broadband.

FTTP is the all-fibre broadband connection that delivers high bandwidth speeds of up to 1Gbps to the customer’s premises, making it the fastest and most reliable broadband product on the market.

The race to full fibre connectivity is already underway as Openreach and other FTTP providers expand the UK’s fibre network. The current Openreach coverage for FTTP is approximately 11 million premises and Openreach has announced over 460 exchanges for the rollout, as well as stopping the sale of copper-based products.
 With in-depth knowledge, industry engagement and experience in FTTP and Single Order broadband, you can benefit from Giacom’s expert advice and guidance as you future-proof your portfolio and support your customers on the journey to All-IP.

Key features & benefits:

  • Full fibre cable from the exchange to the premises
  • Up to 1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Easy to overlay additional IP services such as VoIP
  • Future-proof broadband solution enabling business transformation through reliable, fast connectivity
  • Single Order product with no WLR or dual orders required – preparing you for the 2025 PSTN withdrawal
  • Perfect for remote working, supporting cloud applications to offer low latency and no more slowdowns

Single Order Connectivity: a smarter and faster broadband solution

A data-only broadband solution, SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) takes advantage of existing copper and fibre technology, without requiring a phone line, to create an ideal combination of speed and price for both residential and business users.

If your customers are unable to get FTTP at their premises, SOGEA is the perfect solution to transition to in preparation for the 2025 switch off.

Key features and benefits

  • Up to 80Mbps download
  • No line rental required
  • Plug & Play setup on compatible lines
  • Easy upgrade to FTTP when you’re ready
  • Alternate bandwidths available across multiple suppliers

High-end Unified Communications functionality

HV.Select is a fully cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service that provides more than a traditional UC Platform or on-premise PBX, making it easier and more affordable to manage all your telephony needs with an enterprise-grade range of functionality.

HV.Select runs on BT’s reliable and secure next-generation platform and comes in two different license types, enabling partners to offer their customers the perfect solution for their business.

HV.Select Foundation Licence

Our HV.Select Foundation Licence is designed for businesses with diverse telephony needs. It includes core calling features for basic functionality, plus Cisco Webex for Broadworks softphone application.

This solution is ideal for businesses in the hospitality or education sectors that need to scale up at minimum cost, providing them with a comprehensive and efficient means of managing their telephony needs while future-proofing their communications system.

HV.Select Mobile User Licence

Our HV.Select Mobile User Licence offers everything a business might need from their voice solution. It’s fully loaded with premium UC features, including the Cisco Webex for Broadworks softphone application, and a range of enterprise-grade functionality.

No matter what type or size of business you have, this licence is truly scalable and can meet all your customers’ telephony requirements. Plus, with the most competitive inclusive call bundle in the Channel, you’ll be getting the best value for your money.

V-IP Essentials

V-IP Essentials is our Virtual-IP Voice licence aimed at customers who need a low-cost licence, unbundled minutes (PAYG), and simple telephone services similar to Single Line in the transition to All-IP.

The perfect Single Line Voice Solution for All IP.

Give your customers the V-IP experience with our new Single Order voice licence. V-IP is a wholesale Single Line over-the-top IP voice licence that can be used with Single Order Connectivity products like SOGEA or FTTP.

The traditional telephone network is closing, meaning businesses need to transition from copper to fibre in preparation for the All-IP world. Our Essentials licence offers simple, competitive IP Voice with features perfect for both micro businesses and consumers:

  • Perfect Single Line Voice Replacement
  • Pre-configured hardware
  • Simple to order, simple to use

Want to know more about The Great Switch Off?

Speak to one of our friendly in-house product experts to find out more about the All-IP opportunities available for all Giacom partners with The Great Switch Off.

The Great Switch Off - Everything you need to know about the PSTN withdrawal and the All-IP future.