IP Comms

Unlock freedom, flexibility and cost-efficiency with our IP Comms offering.

What is IP Comms?

IP (Internet Protocol) voice communication uses the same networks as other digital communications, such as email and instant messaging, to transmit voice data over the internet between devices and systems.

In recent years, IP voice communication has become increasingly popular, as it offers many advantages over traditional telephone systems, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • Integration with other tools, such as video conferencing, email and instant messaging
IP Comms

Key advantages of IP Comms from Giacom


A comprehensive suite of products

Hybrid platforms

For Hosted Voice, Microsoft Teams Telephony and SIP Trunking

Purpose built

Designed for the Channel by IP Voice experts


Competitive communications managed via an easy-to-use platform

Secure and reliable

With guaranteed SLAs


Dedicated support from award-winning expert teams

IP Comms products and services

HV.Select Hosted Seats

High-end Unified Communications functionality.

HV.Select is a fully cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) service that provides more than a traditional UC Platform or on-premise PBX, making it easier and more affordable to manage all your telephony needs with an enterprise-grade range of functionality.

HV.Select runs on BT’s reliable and secure next-generation platform and comes in two different license types, enabling partners to offer their customers the perfect solution for their business.

HV.Select Foundation Licence

Our HV.Select Foundation Licence is designed for businesses with diverse telephony needs. It includes core calling features for basic functionality, plus Cisco Webex for Broadworks softphone application.

This solution is ideal for businesses in the hospitality or education sectors that need to scale up at minimum cost, providing them with a comprehensive and efficient means of managing their telephony needs while future-proofing their communications system.

HV.Select Mobile User Licence

Our HV.Select Mobile User Licence offers everything a business might need from their voice solution. It’s fully loaded with premium UC features, including the Cisco Webex for Broadworks softphone application, and a range of enterprise-grade functionality.

No matter what type or size of business you have, this licence is truly scalable and can meet all your customers’ telephony requirements. Plus, with the most competitive inclusive call bundle in the Channel, you’ll be getting the best value for your money.

Key features and benefits

  • Simple but competitive pricing, making it easy to buy and sell
  • Inclusive Gartner Magic Quadrant Market Leading Collaboration and Softphone with Cisco Webex
  • Inclusive local, national and headline mobile calls (subject to fair use policy)
  • Inclusive advanced Call Analytics
  • Flexible licencing options
  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime backed by our SLA on a reliable and secure platform
  • Self-serve user-friendly portal enabling you to support your customers efficiently
  • Comprehensive and free ongoing sales and product training available with our expert team

HV.Select SIP

Future-ready SIP that allows your customers to keep their existing PBX.

Our HV.Select SIP solution helps businesses prepare for the upcoming retirement of ISDN set for 2025. We understand that some businesses might not be ready to completely replace their on-premises equipment, so with HV.Select you can now provide a SIP solution that works with their existing PBX. When they’re ready, it’s easy to switch them to a fully hosted user, or even have a mix of both SIP and hosted seats.

Key features and benefits

  • One solution to manage hosted and SIP assets, providing free on-net calls for end users between their hosted seats and SIP channels
  • Unmatched SIP features including call barring, DDI call forwarding, and mobile and desktop applications for using SIP outside the office
  • Advanced SIP resiliency options are available for customization by both the reseller and customer as needed
  • Scalable options to reduce, add and change both channels and users when required in an instant
  • Simple and easy transition from SIP to Hosted, ideal for upgrading and retaining customers
  • Secure and reliable platforms supported by BT, offering 99.9% uptime

HV.Select Direct Connect (Microsoft Teams Operator Connect)

A new solution for customers whose IT Strategy is Microsoft-centric.

You can offer BT’s “Operator Connect” solution for HV.Select voice integration into Microsoft Teams. The only truly flexible Wholesale Operator Connect product in the UK, HV.Select Teams Direct Connect lets you integrate HVS with Teams voice services for the Channel market.

Teams Direct Connect gives your customers a voice platform that suits their needs. You can offer Hosted PBX, Hosted SIP Trunking and Microsoft Teams in a single HVS site for a single HVS customer, porting over any numbers.

Key features and benefits

Operator Managed Infrastructure

Operator manages the PSTN calling services and Session Border Controllers.

Enhanced support and reliability

Operators provide technical support and shared service level agreements to improve support service.

Faster, easier deployment

Quickly connect to your operator and assign phone numbers.

Dedicated product knowledge and experience

Giacom are the only wholesaler in the UK that support O365 and Telephony, plus we have dedicated Technical Consultants on hand to help our partners make the most out of our products to enable their success.

SIP2teams (Microsoft Teams Direct Routing)

Bringing voice to Teams.

With 145 million active daily users on Teams as of October 2021 and only 8% enabled for voice, there’s a big opportunity for growth.

SIP2teams is a Direct Routing Solution that integrates Giacom SIP Trunking into Microsoft Teams. It can be deployed remotely with no need for a site visit and is tailored to your specific needs. SIP2teams offers a number of benefits:

30-day term

  • No lengthy contracts
  • No termination fees
  • No min commitments


  • With or without bundles
  • Channel management
  • Extra options

Rich features

  • Call barring
  • Number presentation
  • Auto-attendants


  • Highly resilient
  • 3 Azure Clusters
  • Fraud prevention

Why choose SIP2teams over Microsoft Calling Plans?

It’s simple, we do calls better than IT providers can.

No need to pre-pay for calls

Pay a simple pence per minute rate as you call for anything outside the call bundle

More features

Call barring, call logging, call forwarding and optional call recording when used with HV.Select SIP

Flexible number presentation

Customise outbound calling line ID when used with HV.Select SIP

Secure and reliable

Resilient service backed by 99.95% Service guarantees and Fraud Spend limits to protect customers

Easy integration

Simple and easy number allocation without using Powershell

Call anywhere, anytime

All call types are supported for all SIP2teams users

Virtual-IP Voice

The perfect Single Line Voice Solution for All IP.

Give your customers the V-IP experience with our new Single Order voice licence. Virtual IP Voice, or as we like to call it V-IP, is a wholesale Single Line over-the-top IP voice licence that can be used with Single Order Connectivity products like SOGEA or FTTP.

The traditional telephone network is closing, meaning businesses need to transition from copper to fibre in preparation for the All-IP world. Our V-IP range offers simple, competitive IP Voice licences with features perfect for both micro businesses and consumers:

  • A range of V-IP licences to suit your customers’ needs
  • Perfect Single Line Voice Replacement
  • Pre-configured hardware
  • Simple to order, simple to use

V-IP Essentials

Essentials is the first of our V-IP Voice licences aimed at customers who need a low-cost licence, unbundled minutes (PAYG), and simple telephone services similar to Single Line in the transition to All-IP.

Simple Licence

  • PAYG calls
  • Easy to order
  • Port your customer number

Hardware flexibility

  • Pre-configured router with ATA option and Giacom connectivity
  • Use your own generic SIP device
  • Keep your existing analogue handsets

Truly Wholesale

  • Neutral branded portal
  • Choose your own colour scheme
  • White labelled collateral

Agile Product

  • 30-day or 36-month terms available
  • New number or port an existing number
  • Bespoke feature settings per user

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Start your customers on their IP journey and streamline their communication with our SIP Trunking solutions.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking replaces traditional telephone lines with internet technology and data, allowing you to make and receive calls through your IP network.

This solution doesn’t require you to replace your entire Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system and offers greater flexibility, reliability, and affordability compared to traditional fixed lines.

At Giacom, we’ve found SIP products that will help our partners to transition their customers to IP. Choose from unbundled, fantastic value SIP with features including:

  • Simple to deploy with two licence options bundled and unbundled
  • Self-manage portal
  • Compliant call recording
  • Free Web RTC – “Click to Dial”

Alternatively, we have SIP products with bundled local, national and UK headline mobile minutes featuring:

  • GDPR and PCI-compliant call recording
  • Advanced call barring DDI level resiliency and failover
  • Call analytics
  • End-user portal access

Mix and match both products to provide a converged solution and truly meet your customers’ needs.

Why SIP Trunking?

Cost savings

SIP Channel rental is over 50% cheaper than ISDN with savings to be made on call costs with bundled SIP


The ideal replacement for ISDN, offering customers a way to make and receive calls without needing to completely replace their on-premise telephone system


Numbers and trunks can be programmed for failover scenarios, keeping customers talking at all times

Quality and reliability

99.95% availability backed by SLA guarantees


Fraud detection and prevention and call spend management systems ensure your customers’ lines and calls are secure and protected

Global Voice Solutions

Stay connected, no matter the distance with our unparalleled portfolio of products available in over 160 countries.

We’re market leaders in global voice solutions, serving a wide range of companies worldwide. It’s our mission to deliver your business an international presence with high-quality products supported by 24/7 service and support. With us, you and your customers can easily connect to global voice solutions, from inbound-only to international SIP, providing a fully managed experience from anywhere around the world.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)

ITFS is a toll-free inbound telephone service from an international location that allows individuals to make a call free of charge. This is a cost-effective way to connect with clients in countries where you don’t have a physical presence. The cost is billed to you, not the caller, so your customer’s clients can reach them without paying for the call.

Local Access Service

A local phone number for international calls that’s designed to bring callers into the client’s environment from an international location. Customers can connect to services anywhere in the world and only pay for a local call.

International Direct Dialing (IDD)

IDD is a cost-effective way to make international calls with high voice quality, reliable connections, and worldwide coverage.

International SIP

International SIP is a local termination service available in 45+ countries worldwide. This service presents inbound and outbound calls as a local service using a two-way IP voice connection, utilising the same technology as PSTN replacements, making it a future-proof global voice solution.

Why Giacom for international voice?

  • Full number testing facilities
  • High-quality network reliability and SLAs
  • Fully managed international number porting services
  • 24/7/365 dedicated customer support
  • Competitive rates supported by multiple global carrier partnerships
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • SIP, private and public IP or TDM termination
  • Experienced provisioning and delivery teams
  • 160 access countries
  • 24/7 provisioning portal for new numbers and re-termination

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How IP Comms from Giacom will help your business

Our IP Comms solutions provide your customers with everything they need to begin their cloud telephony journey. 

  • Prepare them for the transition to All-IP with a complete suite of IP voice products all in one place
  • Have the best products in your portfolio at the most competitive prices with access to market-leading propositions
  • Access an ever-evolving product offering so you are never left behind with outdated platforms and technology

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