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Case study: Why KSM Telecom recommend Giacom

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We recently caught up with Michael J Thornton, MD of KSM Telecom, to discuss his experience as a Giacom partner. View KSM Telecom’s website

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner

KSM Telecom is a relatively new business. Although incorporated in 2014, the company did not start trading until circa 2017/2018. We are a traditional IT & Telecom Reseller / MSP with a reputation for delivering ground-breaking solutions with our hosted telephony, fibre broadband and IT solutions forming the mainstay of our product strategy.

Our proposition is unique as we provide our handsets and equipment free of charge, with zero install fees for phone systems and free migration of all Microsoft services. This makes the cost of entry for companies wanting to get the very latest in comms and IT at a near zero cost.

How have you found Giacom’s service so far?

Personally, I think the service is excellent. From our Account Manager right through to the Technical Support team, we could not ask for more. Giacom are a very channel focussed business and they understand the needs of resellers, and the requirement to act promptly for their customers.

We set a high bar when we work with vendors and distributors, and I’m pleased to say that Giacom always go above that bar. It is important as our customers are ultimately relying on us to deliver, and we need Giacom to do exactly that – deliver on what we need.

How have you found using our Cloud Market portal?

The Cloud Market portal is just fine. It provides the tools and services we need, and it’s easy to navigate. Knowing Giacom as I do, I’m sure they’re looking at enhancing the portal all the time.

Giacom are a very channel focussed business and they understand the needs of resellers, and the requirement to act promptly for their customers.

Michael J ThorntonManaging Director

How does your Account Manager support you and your business?

The account management’s been brilliant from day one with Giacom. We had the pleasure of our Account Manager supporting us and guiding us through the myriad of products and services. His product knowledge and dedicated account management made this a really easy product set to take on.

How has Giacom helped you and your business?

Through regular account reviews, support for marketing materials and assistance with learning, Giacom make sure we get the best out of the products and services. Which makes for a great relationship. So many vendors and distributors these days want to be hands off, but not with Giacom, they are very much hands on.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

Within a heartbeat, and the team are a real pleasure to know and work with.

Recently, we won an industry award for our apprenticeship scheme and had the pleasure of being on the same table as the Giacom team. Their excitement for our win was palpable. You would have thought they were part of our team – well, I guess they are really! After the event they sent us a ‘Well done’ note with a bottle of champers, that really shows their true class and love for their partners.