RoundWorks IT

Case study: Supporting RoundWorks IT through Microsoft’s new commerce experience


The introduction of Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) has meant a significant change to how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are billed for their Microsoft licenses. We met up with RoundWorks IT to discuss what their transition to NCE was like, after in-person support from the Giacom team and using Giacom’s Cloud Market portal to procure NCE licenses. View Roundworks IT’s website

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner?

Hi I’m Luke, Managing Director of RoundWorks IT. We’re based in East Midlands and we’ve been in business for just over five years now. We’ve been a Giacom partner since day one.

How have you found our service?

Giacom’s service is spectacular. We have wonderful support from the sales team, the marketing team, and our account managers Anthony Heptonstall and Simon Wilson – so big shout-out to those guys, and thanks for your support.

What were your initial thoughts on the announcement of NCE? Did you have any concerns?

Our initial thoughts on NCE were, “This is going to be a nightmare”. We had concerns over how we were going to implement NCE and communicate it to customers, in a way that was simple and hassle-free. It’s a lot to understand! As a technical person I understand, but trying to explain it in layman’s terms to customers was a challenge. NCE was probably the biggest change RoundWorks IT has ever had.

Do you feel Giacom supported you through NCE, and how?

Giacom supported us very well with our conversion to NCE. How? Lots of phone calls (and I mean lots), hours and hours of Teams meetings, lots of emails back and forth, etc. Our Account Manager, Anthony Heptonstall, supported us massively throughout NCE which turned out to be a total success, so thank you very much Anthony.

And Giacom’s Cloud Market portal made our NCE transition easy. Every single customer converted fine except for one, but this was quickly rectified through Giacom’s support team. Super easy, hassle-free and we converted them all in one working day!

How has Giacom helped you and your business?

Giacom have helped us with a ridiculous amount of things from product discovery, keeping our costs down, marketing new products to our customers, and more. They save us a lot of time, and make sure we’re kept up to date. They’ve been supportive in all manners.

How has Giacom directly helped your end-customer?

RoundWorks IT’s business model is month-to-month contracts across all our products and services, which means customers are free to join and leave whenever. It’s great that Giacom also offers this monthly model, as it fits in with our USPs and benefits both us and our customers. For example if a customer wants to trial a product, they can do so on a monthly basis rather than be locked into a full term contract.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

Yes, I would recommend Giacom to other MSPs and businesses because you guys are great – so thank you!

Giacom’s service is spectacular. We have wonderful support from the sales team, the marketing team, and our account managers Anthony Heptonstall and Simon Wilson.

Luke WattsManaging Director