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Case study: How Giacom helped York IT Services grow their business

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We recently caught up with Simon Langley, Managing Director of York IT Services, to get his take on what it’s like to partner with Giacom. Read on to find out how we’ve supported their growth over the past 4 years. View York IT Services’ website

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner

York IT Services has been going for about 22 years now, and we’ve been with Giacom since 2018. We’ve found Giacom really helpful, they’ve changed our business and how we deliver our services to customers. We started off as a basic IT support provider, and then we quickly started delivering Giacom’s cloud hosted email and Microsoft Office 365 services.

When we initially tried to move our customers over to the cloud, it was tricky to begin with because they weren’t sure about having a monthly cloud subscription. They were used to making just one payment for software, and not having to worry about another payment until the next version became available years later. Giacom supported us with this big change of scenery by helping us explain it to customers, and in turn transitioning their licences over to the new cloud billing method. Once we’d got a few of our customers onboard with Giacom’s support, cloud became the easiest thing in the world to sell.

How have you found our customer service and technical support?

The support that we got from Giacom on the transition to cloud services was absolutely superb, and it still is today. In terms of delivering a new solution to our customers, we weren’t quite sure of it or where we were going – but we got loads of support from the Sales and Technical team which really helped our customers transition. It’s great knowing there’s always someone on hand to ask questions to, and who can fix problems quickly and easily.

Since day 1, the IT Service Desk team have been absolutely brilliant! We go through peaks and troughs of using them, but when we do need their help, we get responses fairly quickly and easily. It’s so effortless and we don’t have to chase for anything – any issues just get fixed.

So in terms of rating the service, I’d give it a 10/10 – there’s nothing to knock it! And that’s the way it should be, not overly complicated. Getting the support from Sales and the IT Service Desk team has been straightforward and dead easy. They’ve always got the answers I need.

As for the Cloud Market portal, it was plain sailing once we got the hang of it. As a whole, the portal is easy to understand and makes a lot of sense.

The support that we got from Giacom on the transition to cloud services was absolutely superb, and it still is today.

Simon LangleyManaging Director

How does your Account Manager support you and your business?

We’ve had a lot of support from the Sales team, they’ve been really helpful. Our new Account Manager, Samantha Fleming, has been great. She contacts us frequently to tell us about new products and updates – but also just for a general catch up and to make sure we’re ok. She’s supportive and looks after us well. Samantha is a real god send.

Before Samantha we were managed by Simon Wilson, who was very supportive and just a really nice person to deal with. In fact, that would be a good strapline – ‘really nice people to deal with at Giacom’. I’ve not come across anybody that’s snotty, everyone’s just been really happy to help.

How has Giacom helped you and your business?

We’ve managed to grow our product offering using Giacom. Our first monthly bills were about £700 four years ago but they’re now around £7,000 which’s great. We know we’ve got a good margin on the services were selling, so we’re getting a good return on a monthly basis thanks to Giacom’s monthly billing method.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

No, because I don’t want them to come and steal my business! Only joking – absolutely I’d recommend Giacom to other MSPS. In the past I’ve recommended Giacom in a MSP Facebook group in response to questions about Microsoft 365 products, and I’m usually one of the first few people to recommend they speak to Giacom.

And we get other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) calling us every other week, offering us the same things as Giacom, but we’ve got no reason to move away. I’m very loyal, and Giacom are loyal to me.