Whether you have a comprehensive Azure proposition or you’re just beginning your Azure journey, our Azure Practice team are here to help.

Made up of a dedicated team of experts, our Azure Practice team are the perfect support partnership for your business, giving you on hand Azure expertise and experience like no other distributor.

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What can you expect from our Azure Practice?

We’ll make your Azure journey as simple as it can be with our unrivalled value-added service. And we continuously invest in our specialist team, resources and assets so you don’t have to.


From pre-sales engineers right through to solution architects, we’re here to support you with your Azure proposition, go-to-market plans, commercial proposals and more.


Let our team support your team, by providing bespoke 1-2-1 training to upskill them in the areas you need it most. You’ll also get access to our exclusive technical and sales training programmes, and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Azure developments as soon as we hear them from Microsoft.


We’ll help you with everything from sales, marketing and commercial advice, to creating a scalable and repeatable Azure proposition to enable an easier pathway to success.


We’ve partnered exclusively with CloudBolt to give our partners free access to their leading Azure management platform. This enables increased insight and usage visibility, easier management of your Azure instances, superior on-demand reporting, as well as better security and compliance management.


Keeping you ahead of your competitors by making sure you can go-to-market quickly.


A wealth of Azure collateral and resources at your fingertips (you can even brand these with your own company logo and contact details).

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Transform the way you manage Azure

Introducing CloudBolt - Exclusive to Giacom.

Simple, quick and scalable Azure Management sounds like something MSPs can only dream of, right? Wrong…

Introducing CloudBolt Cloud Management Platform - the easy way for you to manage your Azure Cloud subscriptions and monitor cloud financials, continuously optimise your cloud resources and proactively secure your environment to stay compliant with real-time insights.

And as their first and only UK distributor, we’re thrilled CloudBolt is available exclusively free of charge to our Azure partners to use as part of their managed service.

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