A complete mobile hardware package

Added value – our extended range of mobile hardware

When you hear the name Digital Wholesale Solutions, you probably think of smartphone devices and telecoms solutions, but there’s another string to our bow. We can supply a wide range of high-quality mobile and IT hardware from leading manufacturers. That means a simple, reliable one-stop source for anything from a laptop or tablet device to smartphone accessories and 4G dongles.

Why choose Digital Wholesale Solutions for your mobile and IT hardware needs?

First and foremost, it’s easy. We’ll do all the groundwork for you, researching the best solution at the best price. We have well-established relationships with a number of top manufacturers, ensuring you get a product that’s best-in-breed and fit for purpose.

You also know you can rely on us. When you buy additional hardware from Digital Wholesale Solutions you can expect the same high standards of quality and service you get as one of our valued partners. We always like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business, working closely with you to deliver a practical, cost-effective solution.

According to the 2018 Gatehouse State of the Sector report on internal communications, 73% of businesses are planning to increase their investment in mobile communications this year. A recent business.com survey of SMEs found that over 82% of respondents use their smartphones as part of day-to-day business activities, while almost 73% use laptops and 44% use tablets. A quarter, however, said lack of support was an obstacle to tech adoption and 19% said that the hassle of buying and implementing tech isn’t worth it. Over 23% said they rely on tech support from suppliers.

“When your customer is investing in hardware you want the confidence to offer the right solution first time. At DWS we pride ourselves on our consultative approach and our attention to detail. We take the time to fully understand your customers’ needs so that we can recommend the best solutions.” – Daniel Coughlan, Digital Wholesale Solutions Marketing Manager

What can we offer?

Unlike many suppliers we’re not tied to a small number of manufacturers, It’s simply a matter of getting in touch to let us know what your customer needs and the budget. We’ll explore the options with our extensive supplier base and come back to you as quickly as possible with a proposal.

Training and installation can also be provided depending on the volumes required. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

After-sales support

At Digital Wholesale Solutions we don’t just ship you a boxed product and leave the rest to you. Our after-sales support teams are there for you if you have any queries or issues with your hardware.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you also have complete peace of mind. All the hardware we supply comes with robust manufacturers’ warranties. Warranties start at 12 months for Apple devices and extend to 24 months for everything else (unless specified).

Future-proofing and upgrades

With business technology developing at a mind-boggling pace, the communications hardware life cycle is becoming ever shorter. It’s important, therefore, to think not just about your needs today, but also how those needs will evolve. Our expert purchasing team can help, ensuring you get the latest, industry-leading products that give you the best return on investment in the short-term, whilst enabling simple, seamless upgrades when the time comes.

Buy with confidence

Why take chances with sourcing additional hardware on behalf of your customers? You can trust Digital Wholesale Solutions to help you make the right choices and take your business forward confidently.