Add Value to Every Office 365 Sale With Email Signatures by Exclaimer

Using a professional, informative and attractive email signature is vital for businesses. In most cases, email is the first point of contact between a business and their customers, and first impressions mean everything. By not having consistent, branded signatures on business emails – your customers brand could be deemed as unprofessional.

What is Exclaimer?

Email Signatures for Office 365 by Exclaimer features a simple to use drag-and-drop editor so that you can create uniform and professionally designed email signatures directly from your web browser.

By using the Microsoft Azure platform to transfer information across to Office 365, Exclaimer adds signatures to all emails sent from any device – be it desktop PC, tablet or mobile. Deliver consistent value to your customers with an intuitive solution that both saves you time and provides full compliance with email disclaimer law.

How can my customers use Exclaimer?

Below are a few business scenarios to help your customers understand how they can benefit from using Email Signatures for Office 365 by Exclaimer.

Scenario 1: Your customer has an event coming up that they’ve organised, and they want to get the information out to as many of their customers as possible, without sounding too ‘salesy’.

Solution: By giving your customers the option to easily upload custom fonts, logos, banners or photo images into their email signatures – your customers can subtly make their customers aware of the event via their regular email communications.

Scenario 2: Your customer is a start up company trying to increase brand awareness via their social channels. They don’t yet have the budget for any paid social activity, so are trying to grow their followers and engagement organically in the meantime.

Solution: With Email Signatures for Office 365 by Exclaimer, your customers can add social media icons with the social media handles into their email signature, so that any email communications with their customers is promoting their social channels.

Scenario 3: Your customers’ business relies on regular communications between employees and their clients.

Solution: Ensuring all their employees have consistent email signatures means that their brand will always seem professional, whoever the recipient. Not only this, but structured and uniformed email signatures ensure that your customers’ recipients will always know exactly who they are talking to and can find out any relevant information such as telephone numbers and job title, all in an email signature.

How can I benefit as a reseller?

There are a variety of ways from which you can benefit from selling Email Signatures for Office 365, some of these include:

  • Easy to set up, deploy and manage from your web browser in one single administration portal, saving you and your customers time.
  • Bundle Office 365 together with Exclaimer Cloud and earn extra margin on every sale.
  • Meet customer compliance needs by enabling email disclaimer law and ensure security and control with regional Azure datacentres.
  • Centrally manage signatures and pull in contact details from your customer’s Office 365 Directory, guaranteeing that every user has the correct information.
  • Design your customer’s email signatures or use pre-made templates and bundle it as a chargeable monthly service to boost your bottom line.
  • Receive exclusive partner discounts.
  • Benefit from easy on, easy off billing as standard.
  • Receive one invoice for all your customers.

For more information on Email Signatures for Office 365 by Exclaimer, contact your Account Manager.