Giacom revolutionises Vodafone partnership with ground-breaking mobile self-service portal

Giacom has announced a game-changing advancement in partner empowerment with the launch of its cutting-edge Cloud Market for Vodafone Business portal.

The innovative portal marks a pivotal moment for the industry as it grants unprecedented control to Giacom’s Vodafone partners, with a wide array of options for partners to seamlessly navigate customer onboarding, service provisioning, and in-life management of Vodafone mobile services.

Cloud Market for Vodafone Business has been expertly developed by Giacom to offer a comprehensive partner journey, encompassing everything from generating quotes, to creating and dispatching contracts, to facilitating connections with Vodafone. Partners can efficiently support their customers with a range of in-life management features including options to adjust services, apply discounts, add or remove bolt-ons, re-sign contracts and perform SIM swaps.

What sets the Cloud Market for Vodafone Business portal apart is not only its extensive feature set but also the introduction of productivity enhancements that automate labour-intensive and repetitive manual processes. This not only expedites onboarding but also enhances communication and reduces operational costs.

The Cloud Market for Vodafone Business portal seamlessly integrates with Vodafone’s mobile management systems, delivering a significant reduction in order processing times. For example, re-signing 10 or more connections, which previously took up to 10 days to process, is now accomplished in under an hour, with the order placed on the same day the contract is signed. This remarkable efficiency improvement reduces turnaround times and enhances overall operational effectiveness.

Andrew Wilford, Giacom’s Managing Director – Mobile, commented on the launch, stating, “Mobile services represent one of the most lucrative revenue streams for comms resellers and MSPs. We are committed to ensuring that our partners can swiftly and effectively monetise these services. Through Cloud Market for Vodafone Business, we’re transforming the Vodafone partner experience by providing a robust solution that couples innovative technology with a comprehensive suite of customer management tools. This approach streamlines the provisioning and administration of mobile services, ensuring a productive and efficient route to market for our distribution partners.”

Terry O’Brien, CEO, added, “Giacom recognises the essential role the channel has to play in establishing its presence in the SMB market.  We’re very proud to develop a market leading portal that can provide our mutual partners with a modern and highly efficient digital experience. The channel is rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of SMBs, with a clear shift from traditional resale to managed service business models. At Giacom, our goal is to empower our partners on this transformative journey, offering them unrivalled choice, scalability, and enablement resources for their success. The launch of Cloud Market for Vodafone Business marks a significant milestone for Giacom as we continue to champion our partners’ growth and agility in the ever-evolving landscape.”

Commenting on the new portal, Vodafone’s Head of Indirect Business, Kathryn Platt said “Putting customers first means offering the best possible experiences. Giacom’s portal is built on knowing their customers and will offer a great experience that both customers and partners will benefit from.”