Giacom enters world of IoT with launch of Smart Mobile Data

Leading Comms, Cloud, Hardware solutions provider Giacom has launched a game-changing IoT Sim solution which offers customers unrivalled smart connectivity across all major networks.

Smart Mobile Data is a high-performance, market-ready solution that uses mobile networks to deliver reliable, secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in any location.

Flexible, resilient and secure, it enables Giacom’s partners to deliver always-on mobile connectivity, providing easy access to the IoT connectivity market.

Giacom’s multi-network unsteered SIMs will always stay connected, for example if a signal is unavailable, the SIM will automatically scan to find a new network to connect to, meaning users will remain online.

The impending PTSN Switch Off means very soon all businesses will be digital businesses, relying on robust and rapid connectivity to keep their mission critical services online.

Smart Mobile Data is Giacom’s exciting new contribution to the IoT market, at the same time broadening its extensive mobile, connectivity and Cloud product portfolio for the Channel.

Smart Mobile Data

Andrew Wilford

Andrew Wilford, Giacom’s Managing Director (Mobile), said: “The IoT is changing how people work, communicate and collaborate. It’s not just a technological revolution. It’s also the gateway to an extensive marketplace which is experiencing exponential growth.

“With so much obvious potential, we thought the time was right for Giacom to enter the exciting world of IoT connectivity and to offer our Channel partners a direct route to this rapidly maturing market.

“Smart Mobile Data provides the foundation to support a vast range of communications and IT solutions, leveraging the same mobile networks that we all use for our smartphones and tablets. But it goes further than that. It actually enhances the experience and functionality. Therefore, it’s a perfect addition to any traditional comms or managed service portfolio.”

Smart Mobile Data is available through two tariffs – FlexConnect and CompleteConnect.

FlexConnect is Giacom’s flagship IoT product, ensuring customers’ devices stay connected to 4G/5G with the capability to find the strongest network between all major UK mobile networks if service is lost, which is available on AllNet tariffs.

CompleteConnect, a managed SIM and Router solution, is perfect for customers who need a temporary hotspot or who are looking for a mobile broadband solution for a small office or home office.

Smart Mobile Data supports both high data rates and low latency and integrates cellular connectivity into existing network infrastructure.

The market for IoT services is huge, with a forecasted 27 billion connected devices worldwide by 2025.

With more than 125 new devices connecting to the internet every second, Smart Mobile Data provides a robust foundation from which to build connectivity services on top of.

Giacom has a dedicated support team for Smart Mobile Data, and its Cloud Market portal makes billing simple and easy.

Through Cloud Market, partners can also provide additional products to users to enhance their connectivity portfolio, adding real value and removing the need to split licenses across multiple providers.

For more information on Giacom’s Smart Mobile Data, and to contact the team, email [email protected]