Improving communication & collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Communication and collaboration have never been more important in the workplace than right now. The ways we work together are changing rapidly – and while there are new challenges to overcome, technology has a vital role to play in helping us interact remotely.

But how? Which tools can help businesses better communicate and collaborate? What kind of software is best suited for the new working environment?

The answer is pretty clear…

Time For Teams To Shine

For SMEs using Microsoft 365, Teams is their go-to app. It was a popular platform prior to the pandemic, but its widespread growth has been extraordinary in recent months. It’s now an extremely well-supported piece of software and Microsoft has big plans to keep adding even more functionality– so that anyone can use it in their specific business setting.

Working in conjunction with the rest of the Microsoft 365 Suite, Teams offers a number of integrations that allow users to share and access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in real time – through a single interface.

Replicating The Physical Experience

From a communications standpoint, Teams offers everything a range of services – for meetings of all sizes: from small scale one-to-one messaging chat to multi-participant video conferences calls.

While this doesn’t quite match with the physical experience of being in a room full of colleagues, one benefit in the virtual environment is that the wider M365 suite can all be linked together and used in unison to edit and create documents completely collaboratively.

To replicate the (physical) collaboration experience, whiteboard functionality within Teams means that multiple users can work in breakout sessions – simultaneously and in real-time.

A Clear Winner

While there are many platforms offering different combinations of communication and collaboration, all things considered, Microsoft Teams is the only clear winner when it comes to providing the modern workplace experience partners, customers, and employees need to thrive in a remote work environment.

Teams’ surge in usage has helped push an already good platform into becoming a truly great one, an app that offers staff the best virtual environment possible.

It continues to be a huge success for Microsoft, and as some normality returns in the coming months, there can be no doubt that Teams will continue to shift in line with whatever new demands and challenges the world of work presents.

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