New Data Removal Tool for Affinity

Samantha Dennahy


Union Street Technologies has announced the launch of a new Data Removal Tool for Affinity. This simple to use tool automates the process of decluttering old and unwanted data from the Affinity system, assisting resellers with GDPR compliance and helping to boost performance.

Over time, it’s easy for communication providers to accumulate large amounts of billing data which serve very little use after a certain point. In response to demand from Affinity’s user community, the Data Removal Tool has been developed to periodically purge legacy data according to a user-defined set of criteria. The tool will purge sites and associated data by default in situations where they have not been billed for seven years, however, it can be configured to purge data for any time period the user chooses.

Reducing the amount of legacy data held by Affinity can help to preserve and often improve the platform’s performance while enhancing the experience of using the system. Removing legacy data from Affinity will also make it easier for users to find what they need, and help communication providers to comply with GDPR directives that specify not to store data ‘just in case’. To help boost user productivity, the Data Removal Tool can be set to run outside of working hours, so the process won’t interfere with tasks performed by billing personnel.

Commenting on its release, Samantha Dennahy, Product Owner said, “During meetings with our long-standing partners, we frequently received feedback that the amount of billing data held by the system can quickly become overwhelming. While it’s perfectly possible to cleanse data manually, when things get busy, it’s one of those jobs that’s easy to forget. The new Data Removal Tool for Affinity is designed to make life easier on billing managers, enabling them to make data cleansing an automated repeatable process that won’t interfere with their work.

“The Tool is on general release and ready to be implemented on request. Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, we are anticipating strong demand for this product. We’d therefore encourage any partners that are considering it, to contact their Account Manager early and schedule an implementation according to their preference.”