Now available in Cloud Market – brand new Exclaimer plans


One signature only, without the advanced rules and capabilities. This will be a good option in a highly competitive situation, where one, simple, standard signature could be deployed across the entire organisation.


10 signatures, two user-editable fields such as pronouns, or mobile number, rotating banner, basic customer thermometer (a feedback tool), usage reports and engagement tracking.

Pro (Recommended)

Unlimited signatures, advanced date/time, all user-editable fields, headline content, full customer thermometer capabilities as well as access to Exclaimer Customer Success team who will offer a quarterly review.

How will the new Exclaimer plans benefit you?

Are you missing out on the benefits of email signature management for your customers?

With new plans now available, it’s a good time to take a look at this easy add-on additional revenue stream.

Discover the ease and efficiency of creating, controlling, and deploying company email signatures effortlessly with Exclaimer, the world-leading email signature management solution.

For all the benefits to you as an MSP and customer marketing materials, use the links below:

Next steps

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