Sky Business Wholesale’s Game Changing Partnership with Giacom set to Superserve the Connectivity Market

Sky Business Wholesale has announced a game changing strategic partnership with leading channel provider Giacom to deliver better solutions for the Channel.

The companies will leverage their combined experience, scale and ambition to deliver a trusted suite of connectivity products and services to the Channel, backed up by a comprehensive, long-term partnership. Future plans will focus on developing innovative, new products, to unlock the generational opportunity presenting itself in the coming years.

The new partnership benefits the whole sector with Giacom acting as a key distributor for Sky Business Wholesale services, with Sky Business Wholesale now positioned as a new and key supplier for Giacom.

These products will be supported by a wide range of complementary services such as mobile backup, Wi-Fi solutions, and comprehensive security features. These will be configured to work perfectly out of the box and combine to create a highly differentiated product offering for partners. Initially, Giacom partners can access layer-2 Ethernet services leveraging Sky’s network to support the growing bandwidth demands of their customers – particularly so on higher bandwidths. Further product releases are scheduled in the coming months.

By collaborating to develop a modern, digitally driven model that is both intuitive and efficient for partners, the digital experience is bolstered by the self-service and management capabilities of Giacom’s Cloud Market portal, enabling partners to quickly build and scale up their managed service offerings.

Damian Saunders, Managing Director, Sky Business Mid-Market & Wholesale said, “Our purpose is to provide better solutions to keep businesses moving forward, which is why we’re working in partnership with Giacom, one of the largest aggregators of services in the Channel, to offer a better choice of connectivity. By drawing on their experience and expertise, we’re developing a Channel-first product portfolio that’s versatile, easy to implement, and cost effective for our partners. Giacom’s Cloud Market portal also offers seamless integration with our provisioning systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient order journey is delivered for our partners and their customers.”

Terry O’Brien, CEO of Giacom added, “We’re very pleased to be expanding our relationship with Sky Business and to be giving our partners access to such an exciting new range of Connectivity services. Sky Business has worked closely with our team to develop a really compelling portfolio of products that are truly disruptive and feature incredible

innovations. This partnership with Sky Business will provide our partners with the chance to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage as we fast approach 2025.”

Learn more about the partnership here.