The Best Ways to Sell Azure to Your Customers

For resellers, Microsoft Azure can be a way for your customers to have their cake and eat it, tech-wise. If the cloud is all about flexibility, then Azure is probably exactly what customers have in mind. It’s used to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres. Customers can use any tool, application or framework they like.

Making it simple

While it offers freedom and flexibility, however, it can be quite complex, which is why a customer might turn to a reseller to help them out. The most attractive way to sell Azure to a customer is to emphasise the pressure it takes from them. There’s design to think about, security and other operations that a customer might not have the experience or time to consider. Managing their business infrastructure can help to streamline and target what they use in terms of applications. Centralising that helps to trim the fat.

It’s more powerful

One of the elements that might be holding companies back from growing is a lack of power. While developing a new suite of services for clients might be attractive, the added processing power it needs could add costs. At a time of economic uncertainty, many businesses may adopt a “wait and see” strategy. By enabling them to use Azure’s data centres, companies can develop complex software solutions, but can run them remotely. It’s more cost-effective.

Doing it their own way

Many companies fear that using PaaS (Platform as a Service) will mean they suddenly have to build new software using the same operating system or programming language. They worry they’re going to have to throw away everything they’ve already built, or invest in learning new languages just to satisfy the new platform. Azure isn’t like that. Instead it supports a wide range of operating systems, devices, programming languages and more.

It’s secure

Increasingly, small business owners are thinking about security and are concerned about investing in new technology. Azure’s focus on security and privacy means that data is protected. The Microsoft Cloud is, in fact, used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. There are also disaster recovery options too, so if something goes wrong your customer will know that they’ve not lost anything precious.


It can be frustrating to get locked into a contract that doesn’t ebb and flow in the same way your business does. With Microsoft Azure in one monthly bill, it’s easier to pay for, but there’s also a chance to see everything that’s been used. This gives a customer an insight into what they’re paying for and highlight any changes they might need to make, based on their business usage. With automatic alerts, it’s easier to protect their Azure budget, so they don’t suddenly get a huge bill at the end of the month. And the budget can go up and down, depending on what they need.

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