Backup & Continuity

Simple cloud-based backup services for protection and peace of mind.

Key advantages of Backup & Continuity from Giacom

Protection against data loss

Backup solutions can ensure that important business data is backed up and stored in a safe location, protecting it from data loss due to equipment failure, human error, cyber attacks, or natural disasters.

Improved business continuity

Continuity solutions can help businesses recover from disruptions and minimize downtime, ensuring that critical operations can continue even if an unexpected event occurs.

Regulatory compliance

Many businesses are required to comply with regulations that mandate data protection and backup procedures. Backup and continuity solutions can help businesses meet these requirements and avoid potential penalties.

Enhanced security

Backup and continuity solutions can provide an extra layer of security against cyber threats, by allowing businesses to quickly restore data in case of a security breach.

Increased productivity

Backup and continuity solutions can help employees work more efficiently by ensuring that critical data is always available, reducing the time and resources required to recover lost data

Peace of mind

Knowing that data is backed up and continuity plans are in place can provide business owners and stakeholders with peace of mind, knowing that their data is safe and that they can quickly recover from any unexpected events.

40% of small businesses don't back up their data!

This puts them at risk of losing important information and files in system crashes, hardware failures, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and other unpredictable events.

Having a backup plan in place helps reduce the risk of data loss and allows businesses to quickly recover their data in an emergency. Additionally, it helps ensure compliance with industry regulations that require secure storage of sensitive information.

At Giacom, we invest in the most trusted backup solutions so your customers can remain protected and productive. Our cutting-edge backup solutions provide reliable and secure storage for all of your customer’s data. With automatic and seamless backups, they’ll never have to worry about losing important information again, and our solutions make it hassle-free to restore everything from a single file to an entire system.

Backup & continuity products and services

Acronis Backup Cloud

A world-class cloud backup solution that’s trusted by businesses and industry experts.

Deliver the best-in-class backup solution to your customers with Acronis Backup Cloud, trusted by 500,000+ businesses worldwide. This solution follows the 3-2-1 rule, so your customers' data, computers and servers will be kept safe in a UK data centre. Plus, you can differentiate your backup offering with disk imaging technology and a feature for instantly restoring lost data. Once set up, this solution runs smoothly in the background thanks to an easy set-and-forget routine.

Key features and benefits

Remote management

Remotely manage Acronis Backup Cloud via a web browser from anywhere in the world

Multi data backup

Backup hard drives, partitions and servers, directly to the cloud

Secure tier-IV data centres

Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data centre on the planet

Restore backups in minutes

Super speedy backups and restores for a quick recovery in an emergency

Easy access

Backed-up data can be accessed from any web browser

Pay per gigabyte

Option to pay per gigabyte for smaller, flexible and unlimited storage

Why sell Acronis Backup Cloud with us?

  • Fully white-label the Acronis console
  • Safe and secure data encryption
  • Securely store data in the UK
  • Range of flexible customer packages
  • Backup all types of data, workstations and servers
  • A trusted solution from a world leader in backup software
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Why buy Backup and Continuity through Giacom?

  1. Comprehensive backup solutions: Giacom provides comprehensive backup solutions that cover all your data, including files, applications, and databases. We also offer multiple backup options, such as cloud and hybrid backups, so you can choose the best fit for your business.
  2. Affordable & flexible pricing: Giacom offers backup and continuity services at an affordable price, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We also offer flexible pricing options such as pence per GB model or charged on a per workload model ie per user, workstation etc.
  3. Scalability: Giacom Backup services are designed to be scalable, making it easy to add or remove services as their needs change. This makes it easier to manage your customers' IT infrastructure as they grow or downsize.

Interested in our Backup and Continuity solutions?

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