Billing solutions

Supercharge your business with our powerful range of billing software solutions.

Key advantages of Billing from Giacom

Customer self service

Delight customers and smashing NPS with self-service billing portals.

Boost sales

Unleash your sales team to quote and contract in minutes.

One bill

Generate one, easy to understand bill for all products and services.

Maximise margins

Make every penny count with accurate billing and reconciliation.

Automate workflows

Save hours in your operations with task automation.


Build bespoke contracts, tariffs, and bundles to suit your customers’ needs.

What is telecoms billing?

Providing timely and accurate invoices is crucial to delivering a sparkling customer experience. Every time consumers use network services such as calls, texts and data, network operators record details of these transactions as call data records (CDRs).  

Our powerful billing solutions automate the collection of CDRs from networks and carriers, rate them according to each customer’s tariff, then generate charges for the services they’ve used. Rateable charges for cloud services can be processed in a similar way. 

These can then be combined along with any one-off and recurring charges you may have, into one bill for your customers.

Billing products and services

Bill with ease

Giacom is the UK’s leading provider of billing solutions to the ICT channel. Our software offers a range of features that will scale alongside your business growth and needs with solutions that will enable you to calculate customer bills with total accuracy and in compliance with industry regulation. It will then consolidate all fixed and variable charges for your services into one convenient bill dispatched to each customer.

Providing coherent consolidated billing is a major selling point for end-users, almost as important as cost savings. As you’d expect, our solutions work especially well when used to manage Giacom’s products and services, however, they are supplier agnostic and can be used to process charges from almost any other channel supplier.  

Bill whatever you want, however you want, our solutions are flexible and adaptable to your requirements.

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