Meet your customers’ ever-increasing bandwidth needs with future-proof connectivity that's fast, reliable and secure.

Key advantages of Connectivity from Giacom


Leading you into the future of ALL IP with FTTP, SOGEA and Single Order Products


A complete portfolio of products offering the UK’s leading carriers


Monitoring and diagnostic tools for managing your customers

Anytime support

24/7/365 UK-based support and customer service


Flexible 1-month terms make it easy for you

Purpose built

A true wholesale solution designed for the channel by connectivity experts

What is Connectivity?

Connectivity refers to wired or wireless connections, such as broadband, that enable digital devices to connect and communicate.

Connectivity is essential for modern technologies and services including the internet, mobile devices, social networks and cloud computing.

At Giacom, we offer a range of Connectivity products and services including:

  • Ethernet
  • Broadband
  • Fibre

Connectivity products and services

Ethernet Solutions

Guaranteed performance and speeds with symmetrical bandwidth.

Ethernet solutions from Giacom are a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) product. DIA connections are designated entirely to one business, meaning the connection is always on and never shared. This is ideal for businesses of any size that are reliant on stable and predictable speeds, whether using cloud-based applications, streaming video, transferring large files or performing other business-critical tasks.

Our DIA product is available across three technologies:

  • Fibre Carrier Ethernet
  • Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC/GEA)
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

We offer the flexibility of managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) — the hardware devices and systems at a customer's location that are used to access the services — or a wires-only service. Ethernet Point-to-Point is also available for linking two customer premises.

Dedicated Internet Access Ethernet – Managed Solution

For partners who don’t wish to manage their own hardware, our Managed Solution offers a number of benefits to customers:

  • High availability
  • Fully managed CPE
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Monitoring

Dedicated Internet Access Ethernet – Wires Only

Partners wishing to source and manage their own hardware and provide their own monitoring, support and package bundles can now choose Wires Only Ethernet. You will benefit from our lowest-ever pricing and a choice of the UK’s leading carriers.

Develop long-term customer value by providing your own first-class support and service wrap, allowing you to:

  • Source, configure, install and support your own hardware/CPE
  • Provide your own monitoring and backup services
  • Win business from customers who have already invested in equipment or have a router they wish to use

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How Connectivity from Giacom will help your business

Many of the digital applications your customers use (such as Microsoft Office) have transitioned from being stored on hardware and devices to the cloud.

It is essential you can offer them reliable, high-speed connectivity to keep them connected to the cloud and the tools that power their business.

Our connectivity options provide you and your customers with everything that’s needed to run successful business communications, consolidating voice and internet connections into a single network so you can succeed in the market with the latest technology at the best prices.

Want to access the best connectivity solutions?

Partner with Giacom to get instant access to:

  • Comms, Cloud, Billing and Hardware through a single innovative digital platform.
  • The UK’s most comprehensive portfolio of technology products & services.
  • Award-winning service delivered by a passionate in-house team.

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