Keep your customers safe with cloud-based security solutions from the most trusted providers.

Key advantages of Security from Giacom

Wide product range

Giacom work with a wide range of security vendors to build a portfolio fit for a security-conscious MSP, making it easier for MSPs to find the right security tools for their customers' specific needs.

Simplified procurement

Our easy-to-use platform simplifies the procurement process for our partners, making it quick and easy to source all the security tools they need without the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

Technical support

Giacom provides technical support and training for all the security solutions we sell. Our team of experts is always available to help our partners resolve any issues or answer any questions they may have.


We offer flexible licensing options that allow our partners to scale their security solutions up or down as needed. Partners can be confident they have the right tools in place to meet their changing needs.


Our platform allows for easy integration between different security tools, giving our partners a seamless way to manage their security posture from a single platform.

Cost savings

Our volume of business allows us to provide cost-effective security solutions to our partners who can enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing without having to manage multiple vendor relationships.

What is Security?

Cybersecurity software refers to the tools and applications designed to protect computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorised access, theft, damage, and other types of cyber threats.

Security software is essential for businesses and individuals who use computers and digital devices to store and process sensitive information, such as financial data, personal information, and intellectual property.

It helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information and can help businesses and individuals to avoid financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liability resulting from cyber attacks.

Security products and services

Microsoft 365 Secure

The best protection on the market.

Microsoft 365 Secure is a solution to keep your customers' data safe and secure. It's exclusive to Giacom and protected by Vade and backed up by Acronis Cloud. With no RRP, you can set your own pricing, instantly increasing your profit margin.

Designed for small businesses, a set of cloud software tools work together seamlessly to provide all the benefits of the cloud. It’s accessible from anywhere, collaborative, flexible, scalable, secure, and always up-to-date.

With just one solution to sell, you'll save time on sales, setup, billing, and support, saving resource and overhead costs. The exclusivity of Microsoft 365 Secure makes it hard for competitors to compete, helping you keep your hard-won business.

What's included in Microsoft 365 Secure?

Microsoft 365

The cloud-based office subscription product your customers know and love, available in a range of licenses to suit your needs.


Vade integrates with Microsoft 365 and uses artificial intelligence to protect against phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks. It enhances Microsoft 365's existing security measures and keeps users and their businesses safe, without the need for any changes in behaviour.


The ultimate protection for Microsoft 365. Acronis Cyber Backup for Microsoft 365 provides comprehensive protection against data loss. It backs up email, contacts, calendars, attachments, tasks, OneDrive, and SharePoint 24/7. You can easily restore data and send it to Microsoft 365 using the web console, schedule backups and automatically sync to both existing and new accounts.

Key features and benefits

Maximize your profits

Set your own pricing with no RRP to instantly boost your profit margin.

Stand out from the crowd

Offer a complete solution with three components and showcase to your customers your knowledge and expertise.

Save time and money

Streamline your operations with just one solution, reducing time and costs on sales, setup, billing, and support.

Protect your business

Keep competitors at bay and retain your hard-won customers with an exclusive solution that's difficult to match.

Ready-to-use materials

All the assets you need to start selling to your existing and potential customers are available today.

Simple licensing

No contract tie-ins or minimum numbers. Plus, you can bundle them or offer them separately, the choice is yours.

Monthly billing

Keep it simple with one invoice and one monthly bill for all your customers' services.

Easy to switch

Switch in just 4 simple steps.

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How Security from Giacom will help your business

875,000 UK SMEs were affected by cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing, ransomware, and data breaches in 2016, causing significant financial losses, harm to reputations, and loss of customer trust.

Plus, many industries have regulations that require companies to have proper cyber security measures in place, and non-compliance can result in legal consequences.

We offer a range of cutting-edge products that will help your customers prevent, detect and respond to threats quickly.

Our products are designed to help them keep their data and systems secure and protected. Whether it's protecting against viruses and malware, or monitoring for suspicious activity. By partnering with Giacom, you can focus on running your business while we take care of keeping it safe.

Interested in our Security solutions?

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