Keep your customers safe with cloud-based security solutions from the most trusted providers.

Key advantages of Security from Giacom

Wide product range

Giacom work with a wide range of security vendors to build a portfolio fit for a security-conscious MSP, making it easier for MSPs to find the right security tools for their customers’ specific needs.

Simplified procurement

Our easy-to-use platform simplifies the procurement process for our partners, making it quick and easy to source all the security tools they need without the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

Technical support

Giacom provides technical support and training for all the security solutions we sell. Our team of experts is always available to help our partners resolve any issues or answer any questions they may have.


We offer flexible licensing options that allow our partners to scale their security solutions up or down as needed. Partners can be confident they have the right tools in place to meet their changing needs.


Our platform allows for easy integration between different security tools, giving our partners a seamless way to manage their security posture from a single platform.

Cost savings

Our volume of business allows us to provide cost-effective security solutions to our partners who can enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing without having to manage multiple vendor relationships.

What is Security?

Cybersecurity software refers to the tools and applications designed to protect computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorised access, theft, damage, and other types of cyber threats.

Security software is essential for businesses and individuals who use computers and digital devices to store and process sensitive information, such as financial data, personal information, and intellectual property.

It helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information and can help businesses and individuals to avoid financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liability resulting from cyber attacks.

How Security from Giacom will help your business

Security products and services

Microsoft 365 Secure

The best protection on the market.

Microsoft 365 Secure is a solution to keep your customers’ data safe and secure. It’s exclusive to Giacom and protected by Vade and backed up by Acronis Cloud. With no RRP, you can set your own pricing, instantly increasing your profit margin.

Designed for small businesses, a set of cloud software tools work together seamlessly to provide all the benefits of the cloud. It’s accessible from anywhere, collaborative, flexible, scalable, secure, and always up-to-date.

With just one solution to sell, you’ll save time on sales, setup, billing, and support, saving resource and overhead costs. The exclusivity of Microsoft 365 Secure makes it hard for competitors to compete, helping you keep your hard-won business.

What’s included in Microsoft 365 Secure?

Microsoft 365

The cloud-based office subscription product your customers know and love, available in a range of licenses to suit your needs.


Vade integrates with Microsoft 365 and uses artificial intelligence to protect against phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks. It enhances Microsoft 365’s existing security measures and keeps users and their businesses safe, without the need for any changes in behaviour.


The ultimate protection for Microsoft 365. Acronis Cyber Backup for Microsoft 365 provides comprehensive protection against data loss. It backs up email, contacts, calendars, attachments, tasks, OneDrive, and SharePoint 24/7. You can easily restore data and send it to Microsoft 365 using the web console, schedule backups and automatically sync to both existing and new accounts.

Key features and benefits

Maximize your profits

Set your own pricing with no RRP to instantly boost your profit margin.

Stand out from the crowd

Offer a complete solution with three components and showcase to your customers your knowledge and expertise.

Save time and money

Streamline your operations with just one solution, reducing time and costs on sales, setup, billing, and support.

Protect your business

Keep competitors at bay and retain your hard-won customers with an exclusive solution that’s difficult to match.

Ready-to-use materials

All the assets you need to start selling to your existing and potential customers are available today.

Simple licensing

No contract tie-ins or minimum numbers. Plus, you can bundle them or offer them separately, the choice is yours.

Monthly billing

Keep it simple with one invoice and one monthly bill for all your customers’ services.

Easy to switch

Switch in just 4 simple steps.

Vade for Microsoft 365

Block new and emerging email threats with Vade’s AI-based machine learning.

Vade for Microsoft 365 provides superior protection against sophisticated email-borne threats. With its AI-based machine learning technology, it predicts and blocks new and emerging threats that other solutions may miss. The solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, allowing for quick and easy deployment, without the need for complex configurations.

With its advanced machine learning capabilities, Vade can analyze 47 different features of a single email and updates its algorithms 10,000 times per minute. It protects over 1 billion mailboxes in 76 countries, blocking 10 million items per day with its computer vision and analyzing 100 billion emails each day.

Vade is fully compatible with Microsoft’s API for Microsoft 365, and can be deployed in just minutes, with a zero-risk trial period available for testing. A full report of the results will be provided after the initial monitoring period, so you can see exactly what Vade would have done in active mode.

With instant deployment, instant intelligence, and superior protection, Vade ensures that your customers stay secure and protected against sophisticated email-borne threats.

Key features and benefits

360° email protection

Comprehensive protection against even the most complex email-borne attacks, including malware, ransomware, phishing, spear phishing, and spam.

Enhances Exchange Online Protection

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online Protection to enhance their existing security tools with real-time threat intelligence.

Native user experience

Thanks to its native integration with Microsoft API, there’s no need for quarantine, MX changes, or user training.

Behavioural-based anti-malware

Machine learning models go beyond simply scanning attachments to analyze the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments.

Protection against time-bombed URLs

Checks URLs in real-time, both when they first arrive in a mailbox and every time a user clicks a link, providing protection from all angles.

Spear phishing alerts

If Vade detects anomalies, such as impersonation attempts using hard-to-detect cousin domains, it displays a customizable banner to alert the user.

High spam capture rate

A 99.99% catch rate for spam with a very low false-positive rate (less than 0.00001%) for superior protection against spam.

Automated threat remediation

Provides post-delivery threat remediation and is always learning with real-time views of global threats, automatically removing any threats from user inboxes.

Graymail protection

Vade’s email filter classifies emails into categories and separates priority emails from non-priority emails (such as notifications, advertising, newsletters, etc.), making it easier to manage your inbox.

Bitdefender MSP Security

The #1 ranked cybersecurity solution on the global market.

With over 10 years of experience and protection on more than 500 million devices, Bitdefender is the #1 ranked cybersecurity solution on the global market. The advanced technology and multi-layered approach stops common and sophisticated cyber-attacks, including malware, ransomware, and viruses, before they become breaches.

Easily manage your customers’ security with the GravityZone portal. View risk analytics, customize filters to block sensitive information, and distribute updates directly within the network.

Enjoy peace of mind with the industry-leading and trusted Bitdefender MSP Security solution.

Benefits of reselling Bitdefender with us

  • Easy to set up and use with a central cloud console
  • Cost-effective solution to maximise profits
  • Integrates with Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Endpoint risk analytics shows your clients risk scores over time and identifies weaknesses
  • Protect even just one device, no minimum number of users required
  • Usage based pricing plan so you are only charged for what’s used
  • Resell from a trusted vendor with security that consistently ranks first in independent security tests
  • Highly customisable – set policies and rules, have multiple administrators, and block access for certain users
  • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux systems
  • Advanced Threat Security feature for 24/7 malicious activity monitoring
  • Supreme data protection for your customers with intuitive filter settings

Key features and benefits

Bitdefender Secure bundles

Combine Bitdefender products in line with your customer requirements and save

Intuitive filter settings

Provides your customers with supreme data protection

Location-aware policies

Security policies that adapt as users take their systems outside

Email notifications

Set up automatic email notifications when events occur

Device & USB control scanning

Minimize risks of infections and data loss with automatic scanning

Two-way firewall

Essential in blocking intrusion and hijack attempts

Antivirus and antimalware

Continuous process monitoring with a global threat intelligence network

DeliverySlip Email Encryption

Worry-free email encryption for your customers.

Send and receive emails with confidence using DeliverySlip. Their seamless email encryption is compatible with Microsoft 365, Outlook and G-Suite, and trusted by over 5 million users worldwide. Protect sensitive information from internal and external tampering with DeliverySlip’s secure encryption network. With over 10,000 organizations relying on it, your customers can feel in control.

Benefits of reselling Email encryption with us

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Safe, secure email encryption for Office 365, Outlook and G-Suite
  • Customers can safely transfer large file sizes up to 5GB
  • Password protect messages and control who can view them
  • Log in securely with single sign-on
  • Worry-free experience with advanced message control for your customers
  • Ironclad security with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Fully compliant for healthcare and finance industries

Key features and benefits

UK support

Our team of sales experts and support technicians are on hand to support you.

Simple licensing

No contract tie-ins, no minimum numbers, order cloud services in just a few clicks.

Monthly billing

One invoice and one monthly bill for all your customers’ services.

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive rate below vendor RRP and maximise your sales profit.

Easy to switch

Moving your services to us is easy and we provide support all the way.

Marketing materials

Easy to use, fully re-brandable marketing materials.

Microsoft 365 Premium, E3 + E5

Boost your customer’s business with the ultimate Microsoft 365 security solution.

Give your customers the peace of mind they need with the ultimate Microsoft 365 security package. This combination of Microsoft 365, Windows 10 Pro Security, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, makes it easy and affordable for your customers to protect their business from threats and stay compliant with GDPR. Whether working from the office or on the go, this all-in-one solution keeps their business protected and running smoothly.

Benefits of reselling Microsoft 365 Premium, E3 + E5 with us

  • Easy setup from a single admin console
  • Easy to deploy with Windows AutoPilot
  • Saves time with auto-installs of Office apps on Windows 10 PCs
  • Exclusive partner discount
  • Customers receive enterprise-grade security with data protection controls
  • Supports your customer’s journey to GDPR compliance
  • Reduce your costs with self-service tools during setup
  • Increase your managed services margins

Key features and benefits

Includes Microsoft 365

Automatically comes with Microsoft 365

File storage

Get 1TB of data with OneDrive for Business

Data protection controls

Secure business data on personal and company-owned devices

CyberThreat protection

Protect PCs from active threats such as malware, viruses and spyware

Windows 10 upgrade

Customers benefit from the safest OS ever with upgrades from 7, 8 and 8.1 Pro

Admin and deployment

Setting up security policies for your customers is simple with our wizard

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Outlook Customer Manager, Bookings, Listings, Invoicing, Connections and MileIQ
  • Everything in Windows 10, plus Windows 10 Defender Security Controls, Windows AutoPilot, Automatic Office Apps Deployment
  • EM+S – Including App Protection for Office Mobile Apps, Device Management for Windows 10 PCs, Selective Wipe of Company Data

Microsoft 365 E3

  • Office 365 E3
  • Windows 10 Pro Security features such as Windows Defender Antivirus, Windows Hello, Device Guard, Windows AutoPilot and Automatic Office Apps Deployment
  • EM+S – Including Azure Active Directory P1, Credential Guard, Microsoft Intune, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Windows Information Protection and BitLocker, Azure Information Protection P1, Delve

Microsoft 365 E5

  • Everything in Office 365 E3, plus all the features in E5
  • Audio Conferencing & Phone System, Advanced eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Power BI Pro, Advanced Data Governance and MyAnalytics
  • All Windows 10 Pro Security features such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Windows AutoPilot, Automatic Office Apps Deployment
  • EM+S – Including Active Directory P2, Azure Information Protection P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 Cloud App Security

Email Security for Exchange

Protect your clients with cost-effective anti-spam and email archiving security.

Protect your customers’ email systems with Email Security for Exchange, the ultimate security solution. With best-in-class anti-spam protection and secure archiving, you can keep your clients’ email systems safe from unwanted spam and malicious messages.

It’s easy to set up and provides great value for money, making it the ideal choice for Signature Hosted Exchange, on-site Exchange servers, and Windows Server. You can also meet UK regulations and compliance needs with the available archiving options. There are no hardware costs and the setup process is straightforward, giving your clients peace of mind that their email system is well-protected.

Benefits of reselling Email Security with us

  • Great value-add for Hosted Exchange
  • 99% of spam is identified and removed before reaching the mailbox
  • Easy setup with no software installation
  • No hardware costs
  • Flexible one or ten-year archiving options
  • Easily locate emails in the portal so you never lose one again
  • Advanced reports for blocked, filtered and deleted emails
  • Easy on, easy off billing

Key features and benefits

Never lose an email

Full visibility of messages to locate deleted emails

Advanced reports

See what’s been blocked, deleted filtered

World-class anti-spam

Improved filters to reduce false positives

99% of spam removed

Captured and removed before it reaches the mailbox

Customise banned file extensions

Whitelist certain documents for better compatibility

Secure archiving

One-year and ten-year archiving available

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

A supreme security suite to keep your customer’s data safe.

Enterprise Mobility + Security provides a secure environment for multiple mobile devices. It’s the complete security solution for your customers and includes Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Rights Management. With EM+S, you can secure corporate data, protect employee identities, and manage mobile apps without sacrificing productivity.

Benefits of reselling EM+S with us

  • Access to MDM & MAM for corporate data control
  • Available in two different packages for your customers
  • Advanced Threat Analytics reduces your customers’ risk of costly damages
  • Compliance with UK data protection regulations
  • One monthly invoice for all your customers
  • Smooth integration with Microsoft 365
  • Easy provisioning and quick deployment
  • Advanced tracking and reporting for a secure all-round view

Key features and benefits

Control identity + access

Centrally manage single sign-on across devices, your data centre, and the cloud

Identity-driven security

Intelligent protection against today’s advanced attacks

Manage mobile devices + apps

Manage apps and data from one place

Protect your information

Intelligently safeguard your corporate data and enable secure collaboration

Virtualise your desktops

Efficiently deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices

UK Data protection compliance

Support in your journey to EU GDPR compliance

Webroot SecureAnywhere

Webroot’s award-winning technology keeps businesses secure wherever they connect.

Webroot SecureAnywhere provides real-time threat protection and prevents malware, viruses, and ransomware infections. Its DNS protection blocks inbound threats for both endpoints and networks, and its cloud-based threat intelligence services give customers complete security coverage for both users and their devices. Webroot’s proven security track record protects against 6,000 new phishing attacks, 25,000 dangerous websites, and 101,000 malicious files every day.

Award-winning protection and performance

Endpoint Protection

Webroot’s Endpoint Protection provides real-time security for endpoints and users during all stages of a cyberattack. It uses the latest cloud-based technology, including the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, to detect and analyze threats in real-time. With machine learning and advanced behavior analysis, it can accurately predict and prevent threats.

DNS Protection

DNS Protection blocks up to 88% of malware at the domain layer across corporate and guest networks, making everyday web usage safer. Admins can use the web-based console to customize web access policies by IP address or IP range and limit access to potentially risky websites.

Security Awareness Training

Webroot’s Security Awareness Training teaches end users about safe practices and helps meet compliance goals. The training includes easy-to-run courses and campaigns that minimize risks and reduce infection rates, lowering the cost of remediation and protecting the business from threats.

Key features and benefits

Simple and intuitive admin interface

Webroot provides an easy-to-use Management Console that enables you to view and manage multiple client devices.

Web traffic threat reporting

Get full visibility into risk and usage with detailed on-demand reports on all threats the business would’ve been susceptible to without DNS Protection.

Rapid scanning

Select from several scans: a Quick surface scan of files in active memory, a Full scan of all local hard drives, and a Deep analytical scan that searches for all types of threats.

Light client with easy installation

Webroot is simple to install and manage, and it doesn’t take up much space meaning it won’t affect the performance of your customer’s device.

Identity theft protection

Webroot protects your usernames, account numbers, and other personal information against keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats targeting valuable personal data.

Console syncs with

The Webroot Management Console is in sync with the portal, meaning whatever changes you make on either will be reflected on both systems within minutes.

WebTitan Web Content Filtering

A vital web security and protection layer for businesses.

WebTitan is an advanced web filtering solution that provides vital security protection to businesses, MSPs, and schools globally. It protects against both HTTP and HTTPS security threats and provides advanced DNS filtering control.

With real-time updates, newly identified threats are immediately spread to database deployments worldwide, ensuring maximum protection against emerging zero-hour threats. With 25 years of web security experience, over 8,200 businesses and 2,200 MSPs trust TitanHQ to provide a more secure network.

Key features and benefits

Malware blocking

Blocks malware, phishing, viruses, ransomware and malicious sites

Scalable & fast

Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency

All API-driven

Remote management and monitoring via API

Content filtering

Eliminates malicious content at the source

Malicious detection service

Monitor and identify malicious threats in real time with unmatched speed, scale, and 


Phishing prevention

AI-powered protection against active and emerging phishing URLs

Flexible policies

Different considerations for different environments


Delivering all the reporting you need to control and protect

Business email compromise

Protect against business email compromise and email account compromise

SpamTitan Email Anti-spam Solution

The multi-award-winning anti-spam solution.

SpamTitan protects businesses by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious websites from emails. It provides advanced phishing protection, scans all inbound emails in real time, and can anticipate new attacks using predictive technology.

With Bayesian auto-learning, heuristics, thorough email content filtering rules, and powerful data leak prevention rules, SpamTitan helps prevent internal data loss. In Jan 2019, SpamTitan filtered 3.9 billion emails, blocked 60 million malware web pages, and archived 16 million emails. With a focus on providing a more secure network, it’s easy to see why TitanHQ is trusted by so many.

Key features and benefits

Dedicated Real-Time Blacklists (RBLs)

SpamTitan includes 6 specialist RBLs

Spam quarantine reports

Extensive and detailed quarantine reports allow end users to control their accounts

Microsoft 365 additional protection layer

Strengthen your Microsoft 365 email security against Malware with a comprehensive defence solution

Outbound email scanning

Prevent your IP from being blacklisted

Security against infected attachments

Block specified attachments by type (per domain) such as ZIP files

Whitelisting, blacklisting & greylisting

Allows whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification and outbound scanning of email

Customisable policies

Each user, domain, domain group and overall system has its own block list


Powerful next-gen sandbox security that protects against advanced email attacks

ArcTitan Email Archiving

Store and retrieve emails securely and easily.

With ArcTitan, there is automatic backup and fast search and retrieval (more than 200 emails per second) so emails are always accessible and recoverable. With 25 years of web security experience and being trusted by over 8,200 businesses and 2,200 MSPs worldwide, TitanHQ provides you with a secure network.

Key features and benefits

Office 365 email archive

Significantly enhances Office 365 email search and storage functionality saving time and money.

Remote access to archived emails

All the benefits of email archiving are accessible anywhere at any time with the same great user experience everywhere.

Protection and backup

100% protection against data loss and protection against mail server outages.

Secure and perpetual

All emails are encrypted in transit and when stored, giving your business total protection against data loss — over 11 billion emails archived to date.

Cloud-based solution

Zero limits on user numbers or storage space in the cloud, no on-site hardware required and ultimate scalability.

Simple administration

Ability to administrate the entire system from your Outlook including the ability to replace retention policies and staff mailbox quotas.

eDiscovery and EU GDPR

Industry-standard and legal safeguard for email compliance, perfect for eDiscovery and GDPR compliance.

Huge savings in email storage costs

Save 80% on email storage space and reduce the load on your mail servers.

GDPR Compliance

Remove a customer’s data from emails, the place where the majority of their data can be found.

usecure Cyber Security Awareness Training

Helping you reinforce the weakest link in your cyber security protocol.

With a 400% rise in cybercrime, particularly with increased remote working – it’s vital that your customers are cyber smart. usecure offers comprehensive cyber security awareness training with interactive content to reach all types of learners. It is easy to implement and manage and helps prevent the human errors that can lead to cyber-attacks and put your customers’ businesses at risk.

Research shows that 52% of businesses admit that employees are the weakest link in IT security. Even with the most advanced endpoint protection around, it only takes one unwitting user to open the backdoor to a cyber attack. 91% of successful cyber attacks come from phishing scams and 97% of malware attacks use social engineering techniques to exploit vulnerable employees.

About usecure

usecure is a global company that provides innovative solutions to help your customers make better security decisions. Their goal is to transform your customers’ workforce into a cybersecurity asset. Their software makes security awareness training simple, cost-effective, and easy to administer. The software is supported by a team of knowledgeable infosec specialists who are dedicated to their mission.

Key features and benefits

Raise security awareness

By building an initial risk profile of each user, uLearn automatically deploys regular training courses that tackle individual cyber security knowledge gaps.

Reduce phishing vulnerability

With usecure’s automated phishing tool, uPhish, you’re able to monitor and assess user vulnerability to a range of sophisticated attacks over time.

Identify exposed emails

With employees often using their work email addresses for third-party services, your users’ email accounts could be exposed during a data breach.

Simplify policy management

uPolicy eliminates the ineffective and headache-prone nature of traditional policy management by centralising, simplifying and measuring your policy process.

Calculate overall human risk

With usecure’s holistic Risk Score, all of your security awareness performance metrics are collected and fused into one digestible calculation.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Your all-in-one cyber protection product.

Cyberthreats can attack any workload from anywhere, but with Acronis Cyber Protect you can cover 100% of your customers’ workloads at an affordable price while having the flexibility to add additional advanced protection services when needed.

Benefits of reselling this service with us

One vendor

Ensuring seamless and fully integrated protection

One license

Simplifying the budgeting and purchasing cycle

One agent

Boosting performance and avoiding endpoint-agent conflicts

One backend

Reducing the infrastructure requirements needed

One console

Enabling faster reactions, without switching tools

One experience

Providing a single, familiar interaction for staff

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How Security from Giacom will help your business

How Security from Giacom will help your business

875,000 UK SMEs were affected by cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing, ransomware, and data breaches in 2016, causing significant financial losses, harm to reputations, and loss of customer trust.

Plus, many industries have regulations that require companies to have proper cyber security measures in place, and non-compliance can result in legal consequences.

We offer a range of cutting-edge products that will help your customers prevent, detect and respond to threats quickly.

Our products are designed to help them keep their data and systems secure and protected. Whether it’s protecting against viruses and malware, or monitoring for suspicious activity. By partnering with Giacom, you can focus on running your business while we take care of keeping it safe.

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