New Exclaimer Licenses Webinar

Webinar Date and Time May 22, 2024 10:30 am
Duration 40mins

Join Neil Tovey, Partner Development Manager at Exclaimer and Tom Yates, Lead Solution Engineer as they unveil why Exclaimer is the ultimate add-on to every sale, the perks it offers you and your customers.

Why join?

  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes technical demo
  • Uncover how new licenses tackle end-user problems
  • Experience it all live with a live walk through of the portal

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Neil Tovey, Partner Development Manager, Exclaimer

With 25 years in IT Sales and Management, Neil boasts a proven track record in both new business and key account management. His career revolves around B2B engagements, selling solutions across various IT sectors to clients ranging from SMBs to large corporates.

Tom Yates, Lead Solutions Engineer, Exclaimer

With a proven track record of service, sales and profits in fast-changing B2B environments, Tom prioritises quality, service KPIs, and meeting client needs to deliver profitable business solu