Introducing the One Touch Switching Mini-Hub

Introducing the One Touch Switching Mini-Hub

We’re proud to introduce a new section of our website exclusively dedicated to One Touch Switching (OTS).

Here, you can find out all about what OTS is and how it impacts you, along with the regulatory information surrounding this. We have also included previous updates from Giacom and a timeline to help you understand the OTS plans.

There are useful links to the The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo) website, who host all the content for the residential switching process, and to the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) website, where you can find information on GPLB-SG (Gaining Provider Led Business Steering Group – of which Giacom are members) switching process.

The latest updates regarding One Touch Switching are as follows:

  • From 7th May 2024, access to the TOTSCo hub (all environments) will be restricted to users who have signed the TOTSCo User Agreement. Additionally, you must provide TOTSCo with accurate customer numbers (as of 30th June 2023) by the same date.
  • TOTSCo hub go live date is 12th September 2024.

Whilst Giacom will support our partners as much as possible regarding OTS, it is the responsibility of each partner to onboard directly with TOTSCo (or one of the MAPs – Managed Access Providers) as soon as possible, so that you can retain control over the switching process and manage your customers’ expectations.