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Case study: Why Central IT Solutions recommend Giacom

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Giacom has been our partner of choice for cloud services for the past few years. The level of service we receive from them is simply outstanding. Our Account Manager has been instrumental to us obtaining new business and has saved us countless of hours by answering any and every question we ask. View Central IT Solutions’ website

How have you found our service so far?

Time after time, they go the extra mile, helping us with complex customer requirements and technical queries. It’s what makes our relationship with Giacom so fantastic.

When we’ve used other CSP models in the past, they’ve often felt slow and sluggish. But the Giacom Cloud Market is a provisioning portal we can rely on. Creating accounts takes two seconds, services are quick and easy to order and it’s so simple to use. Plus, the portal is always up-to-date and feels fresh with the range of products and integrations on offer.

The level of service we receive from them is simply outstanding. We’d recommend them every time.

How was your switch to Giacom?

The continuous interaction we have with our Account Manager, Technical Support and others at Giacom is why we’d recommend them every time. Other companies may offer better rates, but Giacom truly puts us at the centre of everything they do. If you have that level of trust with a company, why would you go anywhere else?