Epoq IT

Case study: Why Epoq IT are impressed with Giacom’s service


We recently caught up with Gary Swanwick, CEO of Epoq IT, to discuss what his experience has been like as a new Giacom partner. View Epoq IT’s website

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner?

Epoq IT has been established for over 20 years. We’re a traditional IT Service provider but we also provide telecoms. Initially our speciality was in the latent sector but nowadays we cover a broader range. We joined Giacom in January 2022 – it’s coming up to a year and so far, so good!

How have you found our service so far?

The service is very good. Since we started our journey with Giacom, I’ve been really impressed with the ‘partner approach’ they have. This is the type of partnership I look for in vendors and distributors across the board. To reiterate, what’s great about Giacom is how they’re interested in our business, want to help us grow and are invested in our future plans.

How have you found using our Cloud Market portal?

The Cloud Market portal is user friendly, simple to use and gets good feedback from our team. It’s generally very challenging to get to grips with a new portal, but we didn’t have that issue with Giacom’s Cloud Market.

I’d like to keep Giacom a secret to myself because of how impressed I’ve been.

Gary SwanwickCEO

How has Giacom helped you and your business?

Giacom support us in many ways. One example is through our Account Manager’s quarterly business reviews to help us with our strategy, making sure we’re marketing our products and services the best we can.

Another big benefit of Giacom is their Microsoft partnership. Giacom have provided our wrap-around Microsoft product offering, and also supported us with the New Commerce Experience journey, which for a lot of MSPs has been challenging. And they helped us navigate the Microsoft partner incentives program, so we get a good return on our investment.

How does your Account Manager support you and your business?

The account management’s been really good from Giacom. We have a dedicated Account Manager, Simon Wilson, who really wants to get involved in our business. We’re not local to Giacom but we’ve still met him face to face several times, and recently he came to one of our staff parties. Simon holds quarterly business reviews with us so he can learn what our growth plans are and help us to deliver them. It is a true partnership approach. He’s also quick to respond if we ever need him or have any issues.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

I’d like to keep Giacom a secret to myself because of how impressed I’ve been, but of course I would definitely recommend Giacom to other MSPs!