Giacom Celebrates UK’s Top 50 Fast-Growing Technology Providers

Giacom recently sponsored the creation of IT Channel Oxygen’s ‘Fast-Growth 50’ report, recognising and celebrating some of the fastest-growing smaller MSPs, MSSPs and IT solutions providers from across the UK. Fast-Growth 50 also sought to tease out some of the stories behind that growth. To see who made the list, click here to download your copy of the Fast-50 report.

Published earlier this month, the report highlights 50 of the UK’s fastest-growing IT solutions providers by headcount.

Together, they added 1,680 employees during the four-year period under review.

IT Channel Oxygen recently interviewed our COO, Nathan Marke, to hear his thoughts on the report’s results. See the video here.

“Planet IT is really punching above its weight and doing brilliant things,” said Nathan when asked to pick out some of his report highlights. “It’s just a fantastic story about those guys and how they did it – from car washing to becoming a really successful MSP.”

“Croft have been building an MSP and getting tremendous scale through acquisition, but starting more from a comms background,” he added. “Both are really tremendous entrepreneurial stories.”

The 50 companies featured in Fast-Growth 50 include MSPs, MSSPs, public cloud and software consultancies and resellers. All have “one common feature”, Nathan said, however – namely “high growth, driven by entrepreneurs that are trying to do amazing things for their SMB customers.”

The MSP movement is growing and is beginning to play a “critical role in the success of the UK economy”, Nathan added.

“SMBs are still not using technology very well. They’re very exposed to security risks and are not getting the best out of their technology investments,” he said.

“We’ve got a strong belief that good-quality MSPs are able to solve the productivity problem for SMBs.”

Nathan added: “We are very passionate about trying to elevate and promote the community of MSPs out there in the UK, so that SMBs become more aware of the options they have to work with these specialist technology providers local to them.”

Nathan estimated that there are around 15,000 “reasonably sized” channel business in the UK. “About 6,000 work with Giacom,” he said. “Of your slice of 50 of these smaller, fast-growing businesses, about 20 happen to also be Giacom customers, so I was delighted some of the made it.”