Introducing Samsung’s Computing Range for Business

Designed to be your anywhere office, the Samsung laptops combine high performance with astounding displays that are clearly visible inside or out. The computing for business range offers faster connectivity with both Wi-Fi and 4G compatibility. Plus, Samsung’s partnership with both Microsoft and Google has enabled them to create devices that can do so much to help your customers stay productive on the move.

Why Samsung?

In the new world of work, employees need robust computers that help them adapt to different ways of working. Their latest range is built on Samsung hardware and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of quality.

They’ve taken everything they’ve learnt from their bestselling mobile devices and integrated it into their computing range. Thin and light mobile computing boasts Wi-Fi 6E connectivity plus stunningly clear AMOLED displays.

All their laptop devices work seamlessly with the wider Samsung ecosystem of products i.e., their phones, second screen, or pairing with Samsung Galaxy Buds with ease.


Sometimes the job requires something a little extra.

Samsung computing accessories enables their computing range to adapt to whatever task you need to complete. They’ve worked closely with their trusted partners to bring best-in-class accessories that are specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Book and Chromebook devices—from multiport adapter (additional ports), travel adapters to a Bluetooth mouse and protective cases.


Today’s workforce needs to always be connected and able to use the right tools for the job.

Samsung’s computing range connects seamlessly with the wider Samsung Galaxy ecosystem of products to enable you to work how you want, wherever you want—boosting productivity and adapting to the new hybrid working lifestyle.

Your customers can switch with ease between their phone and their Samsung Galaxy Book or Samsung Chromebook. They can even add a monitor or use their Tab S7 as a second screen for an extended display. Plus, the S Pen can be used to send notes directly to their device.

No need to carry multiple wires, the Galaxy Books have a compact USB-C charger that can be used to charge any compatible Samsung device, such as your phone, tablet, or Samsung Galaxy Buds.


Digital mobility is essential for businesses now more than ever—and they need to feel supported without interruption. With Samsung’s dedicated UK-based free Business Service Centre, your customers get unlimited technical support—offering partners and customer IT departments help with hardware, software, or integration with third party tools. And now, their business can get support to make the most of the new computing range.

Rest assured that all Galaxy Books come with 3 years manufacturer warranty* and Samsung Chromebooks come with 12 months** manufacturer warranty. Plus, Samsung will pick up faulty devices, repair and return to the user as soon as possible to avoid interruptions in productivity.

Your customers can also opt for 3 years Enhanced Service***, providing Next Business Day replacement device with Doorstep Exchange and annual Knox health checks to ensure everything is working correctly. Enhanced Service can also be extended to 4 or 5 years giving you long-term return on investment.

Samsung Galaxy Books

Windows Software

As combined business tools, Samsung’s software and Galaxy Book range deliver true productivity for your customers’ workforce.

Samsung DeX allows your customers to connect their compatible Galaxy smartphone or tablet and use their device on their Windows desktop.

Samsung Notes enables their ideas to be shared seamlessly via auto-syncing across their devices with Samsung Cloud.

Quickshare allows users to send files instantly to nearby Samsung devices—no more connecting to servers to share their work with colleagues.

Link to Windows means they can have their favourite mobile apps, like messages, appear directly on their Galaxy Book—no need to remove their phone from their pocket.

And, with Smart Switch, setting up your customers new laptop couldn’t be easier as they can quickly and securely transfer files and settings from their old device.

Windows Partnership

By working together, Samsung and Microsoft are helping develop industry-leading platforms that will give every user more choices and possibilities.

All Samsung Galaxy Books are built on Windows 10 Pro, which is designed to give teams the power to do more. With comprehensive security, business-class tools and flexible management, Windows 10 Pro is the foundation to help your customers stay productive in the new world of work.

Windows Security

With a hybrid workforce, security is top of the agenda for many businesses. Samsung’s Galaxy Books give your customers enterprise-grade security at the heart with a Windows 10 Pro operating system which includes built-in protections for their data, equipment, and people, securing business information and personal identities even on lost or stolen devices. Business essentials like firewall, secure boot, and file-level information-loss protection come as standard on every device.

Windows Hello uses their fingerprint, or PIN instead of a password^ to unlock your device/apps. Next Generation Windows Defender Anti-virus combines machine learning, bigdata analysis, in-depth threat resistance research and the Microsoft cloud infrastructure to protect all the devices in your customer’s business.

Plus, with Windows BitLocker◊ Drive Encryption, your customers get a data protection feature that combats threats of data theft or exposure from lost or stolen devices. BitLocker provides the most protection when used with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which is what our new windows devices have.

Samsung Chromebooks

Google Software

With the increase in hybrid working, employees need a device that can be as adaptable as they are. Samsung’s Chromebook 4/4+ utilises Chrome’s comprehensive OS, meaning your customers have easy access to all Google programmes such as Google Drive, Docs, Slides and more. All data is stored in the cloud, which means their device won’t be bogged down with local files, plus they can share work easily with their team.

Chromebooks are designed to make things easier with features such as Smart Lock—allowing users to unlock their Chromebook with their Galaxy phone, or stay online with Instant Tethering, which enables users to instantly hotspot to their Galaxy phone if they lose connectivity on their Chromebook.

Google Partnership

Samsung’s Google partnership gives your customers more. They’re working collaboratively to develop the best mobile platforms that ensure every user has more to choose from with much greater possibilities— giving their business more value from its investment.

Google Security

Security is key, but so is productivity. With Samsung Chromebook your customers have peace of mind knowing their device is always up to date. With the multiple operating systems built in, they can use one while the other installs the latest security patches in the background—so, there’s no need to wait hours for upgrades.

Verified Boot ensures that operating systems are secure on start-up. It will also automatically delete a corrupted operating system before they log in.

With Samsung Chromebook your customers are protected whilst browsing too. Sandboxing keeps websites separate from their device and open websites so malware cannot affect other tabs or the OS—meaning they can browse safely and remain protected.

Are you interested in learning more about the Samsung’s Computing Range for Business? Why not get in touch and a member of the team will contact you as soon as we can.

*3 year warranty applies for Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book.

** Warranty applies from purchase date.

*** Additional license for this service applies. Feature only available for Chromebook devices but is not yet covered for Galaxy Book devices.

^For Windows Hello with biometrics specialised hardware, a fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor, or other biometric sensor is required. Hardware-based protection of the Windows Hello credential/keys requires TPM 1.2 or greater. If no TPM exists or is configured, credentials/keys protection will be software-based.

◊Requires TPM 1.2 or greater for TPM based key protection.