Union Street invests £3m in product development

(Top to bottom, left to right): Adam Reed, Software Development Team Lead; Chris Aylott, Head of Product; David McGrath, Network Director; Steve Cresswell, Technical Advisor; Sean Kilvington, Head of Architecture; Peppa Campbell, Development Department Manager; Jasvinder Badh, QA Manager; Sean Newby, Development Team Leader; Sam Dennahy, Product Owner for Affinity.

Union Street has announced major plans to ramp up development operations with a massive £3,000,000 investment into research and development for 2022.

This will enable us to push forward with a raft of new features for our award-winning telecoms billing solutions including solutions for end-user bill presentment and self-service, integrations with other BSS/OSS, and numerous automated functions designed to make life easier for billing personnel.

Investing in People and Technology

Over the past twelve months we’ve made numerous improvements to our software solutions and to the infrastructure that underpins them.

This has included heavy investment into our cloud environment (powered by Microsoft Azure) and system security, delivering a huge jump in rating performance and enhancing the scalability of our software.

This ensures that our billing solutions conform to industry recognised best practice for security, as well as enabling them to scale without limit to meet the requirements of our partners.

In addition, we’ve made significant changes to our development and quality assurance processes, bolstering the team with numerous appointments across our product and development departments.

These changes will be pivotal to leveraging our new investment to full effect and speed delivery of new features for our +950 partners.

Our Managing Director, Vincent Disneur, had this to say, “Effective billing solutions are critical for the channel and we’re very proud that close to 1,000 partners, including some of the industry’s biggest names, have chosen Union Street to provide this valuable service.

“People trust and stay with Union Street due to our outstanding customer service and our focus on partner retention by providing comprehensive software. We’re not a burn and churn company, we stay with partners for the long haul and bend over backwards to accommodate their needs and wishes.

“We have consulted with our partners to understand how their billing processes should ideally operate and what they’ll need from us in the coming years. This information has helped us to devise a long-term development projection and we have recruited a skilled team, in addition to implementing new processes and procedures, to back it up.

“We’re also not afraid to put our money where our mouth is, and our £3,000,000 investment will go a long way to ensuring successful execution of our development roadmap.”