Beginner’s Guide to Network Mobile

Network Mobile is the term used for mobile airtime billed directly by the three major UK carriers, O2, EE and Vodafone. As opposed to Wholesale mobile, where the reseller owns the end customer relationship, bills them and sets their own margins and propositions, Network Mobile enables the partner to sell ready-made tariffs, without handling the billing, while earning a generous commission.

How does it work?

Network Mobile partners manage the customer and deal with any queries or concerns, allowing them to build a strong relationship with the end user. Billing and coverage are handled by the network while Digital Wholesale Solutions builds the propositions and manages all commercials, supporting the partner with whatever they need.

5 benefits of Network Mobile

Earn big from day one

Network Mobile partners earn a commission based on the monthly committed line rental of the tariff. Revenue share can be paid upfront, meaning they can earn big from day one, or receive commission on a residual, monthly basis to promote healthy cash flow.

The widest choice of mobile tariffs and solutions

With Network Mobile, partners are not limited to one network, tariff or product. They can choose from a range of tariffs from the three leading UK networks – EE, O2 and Vodafone – on mobile, digital and even fixed products. From SIM-only tariffs to hardware packages, partners are able to sell the solutions that work best for their customers.

Grow your business

Network Mobile partners benefit from the strong relationships between the provider and the networks, while developing their knowledge of the products and the evolving marketplace. Partners are supported with all aspects of running and growing their business, with dedicated field and desk-based account managers and retention specialists, all of which are an extension of partners’ businesses, assisting with retaining and growing their base of customers so that they can expand their business.

Complete mobile hardware solutions

Partners can also open up additional streams of revenue for their business with mobile hardware. Bespoke tariffs can be created to include hardware from some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers and suppliers, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and more. These devices can be bundled into airtime options, meaning partners can offer a full mobile solution at competitive prices.

Be the first to react to market

With the latest technology brought to you by the leading UK networks, Network Mobile partners can be the first to market with new innovations such as 5G, IoT and the latest smartphones and devices. Partners also benefit from regularly updated commercials so they can get the best tariffs at the best prices and remain their customers’ favourite supplier.

The Networks


In addition to a wide range of mobile airtime solutions, fantastic coverage and competitively priced international products, O2 Network Mobile partners benefit from a dedicated portal offering sales and marketing support. They are also invited to attend regular webinars providing market insight, helping partners achieve success with their business. O2’s mobile-first approach is supported by a wide range of digital products, such as Mobile Recording and Box, and partners can add value with exclusive O2 extras including O2 Priority, O2 Open and O2 WiFi.


EE has been crowned the UK’s number one network for six consecutive years; they offer 4G in more places than any other network and were the first to launch 5G in the UK, in May 2019. EE Network Mobile partners can offer dedicated tariffs designed specifically for SMBs and corporate, with attractive revenue share and connection bonuses available. EE also offer added entertainment extras on selected tariffs, including Apple Music and BT Sport, and security solutions in the form of MobileIron.


Network Mobile partners offering Vodafone can take advantage of their wide range of tariffs at varying price points, meaning they can offer solutions to meet the needs of any business. With a variety of roaming bundles and entertainment packs, they can provide their customers with feature-rich mobile with unique extras. Vodafone was the first to launch Unlimited Data 5G tariffs into channel back in July 2019, meaning Network Mobile partners had the opportunity to be first to market.

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