Beginner’s Guide to SD WAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) is a relatively new technology in Cloud computing, designed to connect enterprises, giving businesses centralised control over their network. Based on the technology used in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), SD WAN is designed specifically for businesses that are operating over a large geographical area, enabling them to utilise just one network across multiple sites.

How does it work?

Why choose SD WAN?

Minimise hardware and maintenance

As opposed to traditional Wide Area Networking (WAN), which needs costly hardware and regular maintenance, SD WAN is Cloud-based, offering simplified configuration and improved provisioning. The scalable nature of SD WAN makes it easy for growing businesses when moving offices or opening new branches in new locations.

With SD WAN you can manage your networking hardware from a single portal, meaning you can make adjustments quickly and seamlessly on command, adding new networks and maximising your bandwidth investment.

Multiple sites on a single network

Traditionally, businesses with numerous branches would require deals with multiple network providers, making expansion complex and time consuming. Additionally, any changes to the network had to be done by an on-site or remote engineer which could be expensive and a waste of resource. SD WAN eliminates these needs, enabling businesses to remotely manage their network, with all sites available on one centralised portal using Cloud-based software.

Improve flexibility

SD WAN provides the businesses with increased flexibility and productivity, primarily due it being hosted in the Cloud. It creates a dedicated private network, making it faster and more secure than relying on the open internet. Users can easily access files and systems across the business network, no matter their location, enabling an agile workforce without putting company data at risk.


When using a traditional network, there is limited traffic visibility, which makes it easier for cyber criminals to access your data. New threats are appearing daily, meaning that robust network security is vital for every business. Traditionally, IT engineers would need to manually update every device, at every site on a regular basis. They would also need to add additional hardware, when required, to ensure that the security remains protected against the latest threats.

With SD WAN, you can update your network security immediately, creating new policies from a centralised location. This quick turnaround closes the window of opportunity for hackers, keeping your network safe and secure.

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