10 practical tips for identifying IoT connectivity opportunities

10 practical tips for identifying IoT connectivity opportunities

Fixed line and mobile broadband connectivity are no longer the only games in town. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a seamless and intelligent network where devices can share information and perform actions without requiring direct human intervention. It’s flexible, scalable and easily deployed, making it a game changer for all kinds of businesses, enabling them to improve productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Smart Mobile Data – the ideal solution for Channel partners

At Giacom we’re here to support you in delivering the next generation solutions your customers need. That’s why we’ve launched Smart Mobile Data. It’s a high-quality mobile IoT connectivity solution that offers you ready-made access to market and a major new revenue stream to add value to your existing customer offerings.

The IoT connectivity market – the only way is up

With more and devices getting smarter every day, the potential in the IoT connectivity market is almost limitless. The market has grown by 26.1% CAGR and is predicted to keep on growing exponentially.

IoT has applications in diverse fields, including retail, finance, healthcare, agriculture, transportation and industrial automation. What’s more, it’s expected that there will be a proliferation of start-ups driven by the potential of IoT connectivity, taking the market to another level.

So, how to you harness this potential and use mobile IoT connectivity to grow your business? Here are our top 10 tips:

Targeting new customers…

1. Understand the potential customer’s business

Mobile IoT connectivity can address specific business challenges in various industry sectors. Therefore, it pays to do your homework. Whether it’s operational efficiency for a transport company or enhanced security for a retailer, you need to identify the customer’s needs and show how mobile IoT connectivity meets them.

2. Target early adopters for quick wins

Some industry sectors are further forward with IoT than others, for example manufacturing, banking and finance, transportation, retail and healthcare. It’s worth focusing your initial sales efforts on these sectors because you’re preaching to the converted.

3. Keep an eye on compliance

Industries such as banking and finance need to meet stringent regulatory standards. It’s important to stay alert to any significant changes in regulations or statutory guidance that may impact on these sectors. They could drive demand for mobile IoT connectivity which can offer relevant benefits, such as high-level data security.

4. Find businesses that are behind the curve

There will always be businesses that are slow to adopt new technology and that are soldiering on using outdated systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Seek them out and use their pain points to show them the benefits of upgrading to mobile IoT connectivity.

5. Focus on sustainability

Reducing carbon footprint is a hot topic for many businesses. Show them how mobile IoT connectivity can help them meet their sustainability goals, for example by using low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology or reducing travel-related environmental impact through preventative maintenance.

Targeting existing customers…

6. Assess their readiness

Start by reviewing your current customer base to evaluate the digital maturity of each business. That way you can focus initially on the customers who already appreciate the benefits of technological innovation. You can also ensure that your recommendations align with the capability of their current systems and can integrate smoothly.

7. Instil confidence

Leverage your established relationship as a trusted partner and a Channel specialist. Highlight your track record of supplying the customer with reliable, cost-effective solutions, using this as a platform to introduce them to the benefits of IoT connectivity.

8. Review customer data

Your CRM system could provide a wealth of information that helps you to identify potential customers for mobile IoT connectivity. Review customer interactions and feedback to uncover current limitations or recurring system issues. By doing so you can identify areas for improvement.

Unleash the power of IoT

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9. Use flexibility and scalability

Fast, hassle-free deployment and the ability to scale up or down quickly and easily are key benefits of mobile IoT connectivity. Look for customers who operate temporary sites, such as construction companies or event organisers, or those whose demand levels fluctuate, such as specialist retailers, airlines and tour operators.

10. Stay in touch

It may take a while to close the deal. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with the customer and regularly review their needs. An updated assessment might reveal new challenges where IoT connectivity can provide a practical solution.

Your trusted partner

As a Channel specialist, we’re committed to delivering market-leading telecoms solutions to support you in growing your business. Smart Mobile Data is your route to market for transformative mobile IoT connectivity that can open the door to exciting new opportunities.

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