Grow your business with Giacom Smart Mobile Data

Grow your business with Giacom Smart Mobile Data

Businesses that fail to move forward inevitably get left behind. In the rapidly evolving world of telecoms, being business savvy means staying in touch with the way the market is developing, finding out what your customers need and delivering it reliably – before your competitors beat you to it.

Keeping your business competitive and resilient means constantly looking for new ways to expand your offerings and your customer base. However, some traditional market sectors are over-crowded, unpredictable or in danger of reaching saturation point.

Fortunately, with communications technology developing at such a rapid pace, you don’t have to rely on your traditional revenue streams for growth. There’s a major new market that’s full of potential and at Giacom we’ve got it covered. It’s time to add value to your business with Smart Mobile Data, a state-of-the-art, market-ready solution for mobile Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

IoT mobile connectivity – an exciting new business opportunity

The IoT is revolutionising the commercial world, enabling all kinds of businesses to work smarter, achieve greater efficiency and control device data sharing more effectively.

The market for IoT connectivity is growing rapidly, with 26.1% CAGR, compared to 20% for the Cloud and 2.2% for mobile. Now’s the time for resellers to seize the huge opportunities that span many business sectors, including transport and logistics, utilities, healthcare, property development, security, retail and even agriculture.

As more and more businesses discover the benefits of IoT connectivity, the market will continue to grow. The go-to suppliers will be those who are already established in the marketplace as trusted partners and who can deliver what’s needed by businesses of all sizes, matching cost effectiveness with reliability.

Welcome to Smart Mobile Data from Giacom

Our Smart Mobile Data portfolio enables Channel partners to get into this fast-developing market with speed, agility and confidence. Bringing together mobile and connectivity, it’s the ideal addition to your suite of offerings, creating an exciting new revenue stream, as well as giving you a competitive edge and the ability to offer a superior customer experience.

This is a massive commercial and strategic business opportunity, with potentially millions of smart devices connecting thousands of businesses of all types across all industry sectors. Smart Mobile Data can add significant value not only to your turnover and profitability, but also to your reputation as a trusted telecoms supplier who’s in touch with the changing demands of an evolving market.

There’s no doubt about it. IoT expertise can give you a big competitive advantage.

What’s more, the opportunities in IoT connectivity are not restricted to the current available market. More and more start-ups will become established on the back of the proliferation of high-performance mobile IoT connectivity. That means 50% of future revenues could come from businesses that don’t yet exist.

To take your business forward confidently in a changing technology landscape you need to expand your offerings and customer base. You also need to secure long-term financial success in a rapidly evolving economy.

But that’s not all. It’s vital to future proof your business to thrive in tomorrow’s digital market. By doing so you’ll make sure that every part of your operation adds to a compelling equity story for stakeholders and potential buyers. Companies that operate successfully in the IoT connectivity marketplace will inevitably be sought-after targets for high-value acquisitions.

Adding Smart Mobile Data to your suite of products is a big step forward in achieving all those goals.

Why the IoT connectivity market is such a compelling proposition

There’s outstanding growth potential inherent in the IoT space right now. As IoT solutions become more valuable and indispensable, user and device numbers will increase further, driving more expansion in IoT networks and creating exciting new opportunities. With low-cost scalability, you’ll be able to seize those opportunities while also protecting your margins.

One of the other key benefits of Smart Mobile Data is its robust life cycle. Subscription models deliver predictable financial returns, with an average contract length of 24 months and an average SIM tenure of five years.

Unlock value from mobile IoT connectivity

With huge potential, an easy route to market, dependable revenues and reassuring quality, selling our Smart Mobile Data portfolio makes sound commercial sense. It’s a golden opportunity to add significant value to your business and ensure that it’s fit for the future.

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Unleash the power of IoT

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