Take things to the next level

Take things to the next level with Giacom Smart Mobile Data

It’s not every day you get easy access to a game-changing new product line. Let alone a chance to tap into a potentially huge new revenue stream – spanning mobile and connectivity.

Introducing Smart Mobile Data from Giacom. It’s a start-of-the-art, market-ready solution that delivers reliable, secure IoT connectivity in any location for just about any type of business.

Smart Mobile Data provides the foundation to support a vast range of communications and IT solutions by leveraging the same mobile networks that we all use for our smartphones and tablets. But it goes further than that. It actually enhances the experience and functionality. Therefore, it’s a perfect addition to any traditional comms or managed service portfolio.

Why is the IoT such a big deal?

The IoT is changing how people work, communicate and collaborate. It’s not just a technological revolution. It’s also the gateway to an extensive marketplace which is experiencing exponential growth, driven by a desire for more efficient management of data and assets. IoT connectivity has the potential to deliver smarter working across many industries – from transport and logistics to healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

The figures speak for themselves. The IoT market is growing at 26.1% CAGR. That’s over 6% faster than the Cloud and almost 24% faster than the market for mobile communications.

With so much obvious potential, we thought the time was right for Giacom to enter the exciting world of IoT connectivity and to offer our Channel partners a direct route to this rapidly maturing market. There are countless devices out there which can collect and exchange data, from street lights to security devices. As more and more of them become ever smarter, the ability to harness their power becomes an ever more valuable proposition.

Between 2019 and 2026 there was a 422% increase in data generated by IoT devices, with 120 new devices connecting to the internet every second. It all adds up to a massive commercial and strategic business opportunity for Giacom partners.

The big selling point of mobile IoT connectivity is its versatility. It’s an attractive proposition for so many different industries and a wide variety of end user businesses, from major corporations to SMBs. To ensure our Smart Mobile Data product portfolio caters for all types of end user requirements, we’re offering a choice of two tariffs:

FlexConnect is our flagship IoT product, providing complete reliability, security and flexibility. Customers’ devices will stay connected to 4G/5G with seamless switching between all major UK networks, without the worry of coverage and bandwidth outages.

Alternatively, there’s CompleteConnect, a complete solution that’s designed mainly for smaller-scale applications. It’s ideal for customers who need a temporary pop-up hotspot, those who are looking for a mobile broadband connectivity solution for a small or home office, or those who are deploying a pre-ethernet or broadband solution.

Now’s the time…

Things aren’t what they used to be. They’re smarter and they’re changing the way the world works. Now’s the time to make the IoT work for you.

To find out more about how Giacom can help you benefit from the not-to-be-missed opportunities in mobile IoT connectivity, call us on 0300 124 7538 or email smartmobiledata@giacom.com

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