IoT connectivity ­– 10 big opportunities for the Channel

IoT connectivity – 10 big opportunities for the Channel

Communication networks don’t only connect people. They also connect numerous devices, from street lights to factory heating systems. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s driving a revolution in the telecoms marketplace that’s creating huge potential for resellers.

Smart Mobile Data – your gateway to opportunity

Smart Mobile Data from Giacom is a high-performance, market-ready solution that uses mobile networks to deliver reliable, secure IoT connectivity in any location. Flexible, resilient and secure, it enables easy access to the IoT connectivity market, adding a major new revenue stream to your traditional comms portfolio.

IoT connectivity – a market that’s growing every day

Businesses want to harness technology to more efficiently manage their data and assets. The IoT gives them that capability and mobile IoT connectivity delivers it with built-in flexibility and scalability. It’s also cost effective, with no investment in costly infrastructure.

More and more devices are becoming smarter and just about any size or type of business can reap the benefits of IoT connectivity. Already achieving a staggering 26.1% CAGR, the market is seemingly on an unstoppable growth trajectory.

1. Enhanced customer experience and security in retail

Retail is one of the fastest growing market sectors for IoT connectivity. It’s not just about keeping EPOS and stock control systems operational. It’s also about delivering an enhanced customer experience that seamlessly integrates online and physical spaces. Reducing theft is also a big market driver, with enhanced security and surveillance systems.

2. Driving efficiency in transport

Nowhere is the IoT more relevant than in the transport industry. Mobile IoT connectivity can enable reliable communication with drivers anytime, anywhere. IoT connectivity also plays a crucial role in fleet management, providing fingertip control over vehicle performance, maintenance schedules and monitoring of driver behaviour.

3. Reliable worldwide coverage in logistics and supply chain management

The IoT is redefining the logistics industry, with smart sensors embedded in cargo, vehicles, warehouses and equipment, creating an interconnected global data ecosystem. That means enhanced track and trace capability across international borders, as well as guaranteed compliance with country-specific shipping and customs regulations.

4. Agility and risk management in construction

With fast, easy deployment in any location, mobile IoT connectivity is ideal for construction sites. As well as giving on-site workers fast, reliable internet access, it also provides predictive maintenance for plant and equipment, reducing the risk of costly downtime or injuries.

5. Economy of means for energy and utilities

Low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology enables long-range communication with low power consumption. Smart devices can be deployed and managed remotely, reducing labour-intensive on-site maintenance. Applications include environmental monitoring, smart grids, predictive maintenance and leak detection.

6. Getting ready for the Big Switch Off

With BT switching off the PSTN soon, millions of businesses will need to find an alternative form of connectivity. For many, mobile IoT will be the answer, particularly in hard-to-reach locations or for satellite and pop-up offices. It’s an opportunity to transition customers to a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution that’s easy to deploy.

7. Security and compliance for banking and finance

Digital technology has reshaped the financial services sector and mobile IoT connectivity can take things to the next level. As well as enabling smart payments and transactions, IoT connectivity has benefits in many other areas, including security, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

8. Major opportunities in the public sector

By harnessing the power of connected devices and data, national and local government departments can work more efficiently, keep their citizens safer and contribute to a more sustainable future. With Smart Mobile Data, Channel partners can confidently pitch for lucrative large-scale government contracts.

Unleash the power of IoT

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9. Big benefits for small businesses

Mobile IoT connectivity is also an attractive proposition in the SMB and SOHO sectors. A managed IoT solution that includes a SIM card and router ensures reliable and secure mobile connectivity for everyone, including home and hybrid workers. Mobile IoT can also provide a backup or failover option for existing broadband or ethernet services.

10. The perfect partner to traditional telecoms

Mobile IoT connectivity is a logical addition to your current fixed line and MBB portfolio. It can either be deployed as a reliable, secure and flexible alternative to traditional telecoms technology. Or it can be bundled with existing services to provide an on-demand backup or pre-ethernet solution. It’s about providing your customer with choices that uniquely address specific business challenges.

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