Fully managed IoT Sim and Router solution for Connectivity Failover and Pre-Ethernet.

CompleteConnect is a fully managed IoT SIM and Router solution that’s perfect for customers who need a smart, ready-to-use mobile connectivity solution. 

CompleteConnect provides uninterrupted mobile broadband connectivity, making it ideal for businesses needing reliable and efficient connectivity, such as temporary pop-up hotspots, small or home office setups, hospitality and retail, and pre-ethernet or broadband deployments. 

Channel partners can take advantage of CompleteConnect’s versatility and adaptability to deploy a fully managed solution that offers huge market and revenue opportunities. 

SmartConnect IoT connectivity is an attractive proposition in the SMB and SOHO sectors.

A managed Sim and Router IoT solution ensures reliable and secure mobile connectivity for everyone, including home and hybrid workers. Mobile IoT can also provide a backup or failover option for existing broadband or ethernet services.

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Giacom’s new Smart Mobile Data IoT solution is an innovative and cutting-edge technology that enables Channel partners to offer always-on mobile connectivity and sets the highest standards for resiliency, security, and flexibility in the market. 


Integrate into existing network infrastructure with private APNs and static IP to prevent unauthorised device access or tampering.


Access 900+ networks in 180+ countries and access multiple networks on one SIM for maximum uptime.


Solutions can encompass a spectrum of technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, LTE-M & NB-IoT to meet any requirements.

FlexConnect is the flagship IoT product from Giacom, offering complete reliability, security and flexibility. Customers’ devices will stay connected with seamless switching between all major UK networks, without the worry of coverage and bandwidth outages.  


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