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The Best Ways to Sell Azure to Your Customers

Dec 20, 2017

For resellers, Microsoft Azure can be a way for your customers to have their cake and eat it, tech-wise. If the cloud is all about flexibility, then Azure is probably…


The Importance of SPF Records for Email Domains

Nov 14, 2017

Using SPF records to secure business email has been a standard part of email domain setup for years. But there’s been a debate, particularly in IT forums, over whether this…


Your guide to Giacom Cloud Market

Sep 12, 2017

Our focus is to provide a simple, honest and open service to every partner that joins us, regardless of size or scope. We’re committed to developing the services we provide,…


A new name for MessageStream

Sep 12, 2017

Throughout the past 20 years a lot has changed in the IT industry. Cloud services have rocketed in recent years as more and more businesses turn to using the subscription…