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Planning an Exchange 2016 migration – reseller guide

May 1, 2018

Moving your customers from one version of Exchange to another is a big project for small to medium businesses. It requires time, money and the right people to execute and…

How to make an easy profit with Office 365

How to Make an Easy Profit With Office 365

Mar 29, 2018

The most popular Microsoft business solution can also be one of the most profitable for resellers. Microsoft Office 365 now has a staggering 120 million worldwide users and its commercial…


Giacom’s Hosted Exchange 2016 Mailboxes Are Now a Dizzying 250GB

Mar 16, 2018

When your customers receive hundreds of emails every day and store thousands of emails in their mailbox, they need to know that they’ll never run out of space. So, we…


The Best Ways to Sell Azure to Your Customers

Dec 20, 2017

For resellers, Microsoft Azure can be a way for your customers to have their cake and eat it, tech-wise. If the cloud is all about flexibility, then Azure is probably…


The Importance of SPF Records for Email Domains

Nov 14, 2017

Using SPF records to secure business email has been a standard part of email domain setup for years. But there’s been a debate, particularly in IT forums, over whether this…